stick vs hub

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stick vs hub

After waiting a long time for Bell to upgrade to hi speed in my area (between Hamilton and Brantford), I got the Rogers Stick. I did not know about the Hub at this time. I got two to three bars signal strength and down load speeds of up to 1.2 megs. this was great compaired to dialup. Not the 7 to 21 megs they advertised but much better than I had. Lately the signal has droped a lot more and download speed as low as 2 Kbps. It drops from the HSPS to the Edge signal. Some times it cuts out altogether. It has been sugested that I Try the Hub.They say it gets a better signal and you get more data for the buck.


 Question Will the hub Give me a better signal? Is it worth a try/ Any other ideas.


I am a fisrt time poster thanks for your help






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Re: stick vs hub



the RocketHub is by no means perfect.  We have been using the Ericsson W35 RocketHub for well over two years.  We have our own reasons for using the RocketHub.  For us, it gives us both voice telephone and Internet access, although at a cost that I think is much more expensive than it should be.


But, that said, compared to the RocketStick, the RocketHub does give you the ability to connect an external antenna in situations where you need to increase your signal strength.  For example, in our location, our Rogers cell phone does not work.  I can barely text reliably, let alone carry on a voice cal on my cell phonel.  But the RocketHub always provides reliable voice telephone calls.


Internet connection is a different story.  We don't reliably get Internet unless I have the external antenna set up outside and connected to the RocketHub.  The external antenna is required when the leaves are on the trees, and when the weather is damp.  All of that affects radio frequencies used by the cellular network.


I suspect that the RocketHub functions on voice where the cell phone will not because the RocketHub can use higher transmitter power.  Cell phones are inherently limited in transmit power because they are used next to your head.  There must be cell phone design standards in place that are intended to protect your brain from high powered radio frequency fields for devices that are held up to the side of  your head.  You don't want that microwave oven effect on your brain when you use your cell phone do you?  Hot-headed or what?


I haven't even mentioned the additional router and WiFi functionality that the RocketHub gives you.  If  you don't need that, then fine.  But I think most households today will benefit from the router and WiFi capabilities that a RocketHub will give you.


Any more questions, let us know.




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Re: stick vs hub

Most of the Rogers stick now have an external antenna port.


I think the best is to get the stick + router combo vs the hub as there is a lot better performance you can get with the MOFI router than you can with the hub.

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Re: stick vs hub



could you please elaborate on what you mean by "better performance"?  I think you are trying to compare apples and oranges!


Functionally, the stick + MoFi router combination do different things than a RocketHub.  I don't believe that the MoFi router will give you voice telephone "out of the box", in one package, for instance which is standard functionality offered by the Hubs, in addition to the router, WiFi and data connection capabilities.  Just plug in your SIM and away you go!


As well, both approaches are pretty much limited in Internet throughput by local cellular network capabilities.  So that is pretty much a wash.


The ability to use an external antenna is mandatory in low signal strength areas.  So having an antenna port on a stick is mandatory in my opinion for general use in the rural areas in which I live.  Using an external antenna is definitely an inconvenience, but a necessary one where I live.


One would also need to compare the costs of the two approaches for the various plans offered by the carriers.


If your needs are just data and a connection to the Internet, MoFi could be a better approach than a RocketHub, but if you also need voice telephone, then the RocketHub would be the device to use.