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static IP address

I need a static IP address. I have a Rogers Internet Extreme Account. Up until a few days ago my external IP address was for all practical purposes fixed, changing only after many months. Lately it seems to be changing every week.

What do I have to do to get a fixed IP address? 



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Re: static IP address

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Re: static IP address

you can try to contact directly your ISP to explain about your static ip issue...After fixed the static ip, you can check  from


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Resident Expert
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Re: static IP address

The OP posted well over 2 years ago..likely are comming back 😛

As for a static IP though.. you can PAY extra, to have a 100% static address.
Alternatively, use a service like NO-IP or similar, to set up a name which points to your address.. and you can use software, etc on your PC, and some routers, to auto update your IP for that address.





You would need to open a business account if you want a static ip address; residential accounts have the ip address assigned dynamically.