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smart tv on college campus

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I have recently purchased a vizio smart tv and I would like to use the apps but my wireless network won't allow me to sign on because i need a username and password. Each student gets an individual username and password, but mine won't work on the tv. Has anyone experience this issue?



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Re: smart tv on college campus

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To be honest, I am not sure why you are even posting on Rogers Community Forums. Do you have an account with Rogers? If you do, a user name and password created with Rogers will allow you to access your account with Rogers. When you say that "Each student gets an individual username and password", exactly what is this for - something to do with the school you are attending? If so, this has nothing to do with Rogers. Also, in order to access any apps available on your Smart TV, you need to have a separate user name and password for each of those apps and pay the fee if it is a paid service. As an example, I have a Netflix account. I can access this on my Smart TV through my Netflix user name and password - again, nothing to do with Rogers. If you have an issue with your wifi network user name and password issued by your school, I suggest you take that up with your school - again it is not likely a Rogers issue. Can you access your wifi network on a computer or tablet?
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