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slow internet speed issues

I've Been Here Awhile

i've been having a weird internet problem for the last 2 months and i opened a rogers support ticket they havent fixed my issue until now so i thought why not post it here .


ok so i have the 250 down package was getting my full speed and everything fine until the problem started and video streaming websites are now extremely slow (i.e youtube) a video at 480p keeps buffering when in the past i could load a 4k60fps video in seconds . on ( i always test with 4 different servers on this website when the problem started on 3 of them (servers) the speed went down from 300 down to (20) down yes 300 to (20) . a couple of days ago at like 3 am for 5 min or so my internet problems were all solved youtube was extremely fast again and all the servers on speeds were 300+ again. but then after 5 to 10min the problems were back again . i am getting really frustrated it's been 2months like this and i think i will cancel my subscription with rogers if i dont find help in the next week or so.


couple of extra info 

1- my upload speed hasnt changed always cosistant full speed on all servers

2-  rogers sent a tech to my house and changed all the equipment it didnt help

3- downloading from somewebsites i get full speed while on most others max (20)

4- it seems that something is capping my speed because every where there is an issue the speed is exactly around (20) which is weird that it's always at the same speed

5- this happens 24/7 it didnt go away since it started except a couple of days ago

6- i have multiple devices in my house which i test my speed on 2 laptops and 1 pc and 1 iphone

7-whenever iam testing the speed i connect my testing device wired not wireless

8- i did reset and reboot and exchanged the modem and all equipment in my house it didnt help

9- i have the unlimited download package 


sorry for the long topic just trying to share all the info i got


thanks for help in advance




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Re: slow internet speed issues

So Ive had the rogers service installed June 2017 and from day one I noticed I wasn't getting the speeds i should have been getting.  I called and was advised they upgraded me to the 150.  Still no change.  So after chatting online multiple times and been given the round around im getting a router sent tomorrow to see if that changes anything. 


So i asked for some sort of compensation and the rep said "I'll give you $15 for 4 days of slow speeds"   Really Rogers?  Really??????  4 days? I was that insulted that I had to end the online chat with the Rogers support. 


Is this the way you treat all your customers?  I pay over $200 for your services each month.  I got skip and lag in the tv channels and slow internet....but hey who cares right, Its not like i'm a valued customer or anything.


Anyone else getting service like this? 

Re: slow internet speed issues

Generally rogers SHOULD be able to provide the speeds in most areas.. there are people on here with the 200+ speed packages and are able to get them with no issues.

That being said.. there are things which overall can make a difference on the speed.. and there may be things that can be checked (and sometimes fixed) to help it.

A) When doing any speed tests, where are you doing it? (what site, and what end servers?)
Also are you doing the test on a wired connection?  It will overall prove that the modem is throughputting the full speed (wireless, is another issue)

B) Wireless... we can help do a few test things, to see if its a wireless interfearance thing, etc.. or even if the wireless card can handle the speeds properly.

C) Signal.  Signal issues are one of the leading things that can lead to speed drops.  If you are able to log into the modem, and go to the docsis wan page, and post the signal levels, we can take a look to see if that is leading to anything.

Re: slow internet speed issues

I've Been Here Awhile

High Upload Speeds but Slow Download Speeds on 500gb Rogers Internet  New White Tower Modem



looking for some help.

Just got Rogers to install new 500gb service with the new white tower gigabit modem. I am getting really high upload speeds (750gb) but really slow download speeds (90gb) on a wired connection. Even worse speeds over wifi connection but Rogers says nothing shows wrong on their end but to me this is not normal. Paying for 500gb service but don't even get 100gb... What might be the issue? It was a brand new install 2 days ago and I have not made any changes to modem/routers default settings. I am only using Rogers new White Tower Router/modem and no other Router.

Any assistance much appreciated. Thanks


Re: slow internet speed issues

Where are you doing your speedtests? THats one question, (which can effect things).

Secondary.. what color is the light on the back of the modem where the ethernet cable is plugged in?
Its possible its only linking at 100?

Re: slow internet speed issues

I've Been Here Awhile



I am using rogers speed test site but also used


getting similar results from both sites

my upload speeds are 6 or 7x faster than download which seems very odd

light on modem where ethernet cable is plugged in is green.



Re: slow internet speed issues

@cousin_v, there's a problem here with your equipment or cabling.  The connected port LED at the back of the modem should be flashing Amber, meaning that the modem and device port are connected at 1 Gb/s.  That will support data rates up to a gigabit/sec.   Realistically you'll see 950/960 Mb/s as a max download rate. If the connected port LED is flashing green, that indicates that the modem and device ports are connected at 10/100 Mb/s.  Depending on the specific rate, you will see a maximum data rate of 10 Mb/s or 100 Mb/s.  


If you right click on the internet symbol at the lower right hand side of the taskbar, select "Open Network & Internet Settings".  Select "View your network properties" link in the lower portion of the page.  Have a look at the Link speed (Receive/Transmit) to see the actual modem port to pc port connection rate.  


I suspect that your connection stats are in Kilobits/sec.  Take a careful look at the speedtest results when the test finishes. 


So, given that the connected port LED is green, the question is why do the modem port and pc port connect at 10/100 Mb/s?  Either


1.  The connecting cable isn't connecting properly at one end or both.  (unplug and replug both ends)


2.  The cable itself is damaged and only supports 10/100 Mb/s.  (Swap the cable with a known good cable)


3.  The pc only has a 100 Mb/s port.  (Check the specs for the pc)


4.  The pc has a gigabit port, but, in the advanced settings for the ethernet adapter, the max rate is set for 10/100 Mb/s instead of 1 Gb/s.  (Check the advanced settings for the current data rate limit)

Re: slow internet speed issues

I've Been Here Awhile
Thanks I will provide an update once I check your recommendations out.

Re: slow internet speed issues

Just installed Gigabit modem on 1000u plan but speed is...


I ran wired and wireless and I got between 2 to 3Mbps download in 5GHz and about 13Mbps in 2.4GHz channel. What am I doing wrong? I was getting over 130Mbps using 100u before, I expect at least 900Mbps now with 1000u...






Re: slow internet speed issues

@Kaminakun please have a look at the following post, specifically the section on wifi settings and wifi environment monitoring.  That will get you started for now:


I'll have other comments on laptop performance later.  Lets just say for now that owning a laptop that doesn't do 900 Mb/s on a download test shouldn't be a surprise. 

Re: slow internet speed issues

@Datalink I am not using laptop. I am on desktop with a TP-Link Archer T4U.

I checked the link and it does not help.

Re: slow internet speed issues

@Kaminakun, ok, in that case, try removingdeleting the network profile for your current network from the desktop and then reconnect the desktop.  That will generate a new network profile.  Depending on what version of Windows you have, you might see several old network profiles that can be removed.

Re: slow internet speed issues

I've Been Here Awhile

thanks Datalink

My pc only has a 100 Mb/s port which would explain why I don't get over 100mb ..I though I had a gigabit card in laptop but guess not. 😞

Does not make sense to me though why my uploads speeds are so high over 700mb / sec.(I did confirm it's in MB and not kb.)

I will be borrowing a friends laptop that has a gigabit card to just doulble check the speeds just to ensure I am getting the service I pay for.

thanks for helping a Newbie out! 🙂

Re: slow internet speed issues

@Datalink I did that too. No good.

I tried getting the technical support to help. The first tech support said the problem is with the lines outside the house, he opened a ticket to follow up. But the very next day I got a Rogers email ask me to talk to them again. This time the rep just reset my modem and when it was no good, asked me to get a new one in store!


This is a new modem from a technician who installed it 2 days ago. The problem with this slow connection has been around for quite awhile when I had the CGN and CGN3 modems. The cable to the modem is relatively new (2 years old, installed by a Rogers technician at the time). So I believe the problem should be with some outside wires. I kept explanation that to the rep but he wouldn't listen. I'm quite fed up honestly!

Re: slow internet speed issues

@Kaminakun since you've already had a visit from a tech, and I'm assuming it was a contractor tech, its time for the moderators at @CommunityHelps to arrange a tech visit from a Rogers tech to determine what the problem is.  I certainly understand why your fed up with the situation. 

Re: slow internet speed issues

I've Been Around

CODA-4582U Problem. Slow Downstream, regular ping, regular upstream


For the past three weeks now, close to the full month I've had this here problem.


I'm a gamer but I also work from home as does my mother and up until now we've been told that everything is working just fine. Cable/line to my house shows no issues and green lights all the way. Modem shows no issue and is working at 100%. Or so I've been told by the past 15-20 customer service reps that I've talked to through their chat system. The problem still persists and its making me lose money due to being unable to work from home.


The first time this started happening was mid afternoon around three weeks ago. I realized my home phone that works via internet (I believe through VOIP) wasn't working properly and i was told previously that to fix this i need to reset both the modem and home phone box connected between the modem and my home phone at the same time. I unplugged both, waited a good minute or two, plugged both back in and home phone worked normally. Great news i thought. Nope.


Video streams from places like or Youtube, either full on stopped, began a long buffering sequence, or played at 360p quality. Now i have the Gigabit package  because at the time when we upgraded there were a lot of people in the house and we needed the speed/bandwidth upgrade. Now the things connected to my modem, i can name on the fingers of my hand.  


My main computer which is 100% working fine, is hard wired.

The home phone is hard wired.

I have a Philips Hue box for indoor lighting, also hard wired.

My mother's laptop is wireless 2.4g.

I have two TV's capable of connecting to the internet that are also connected wireless 2.4g (these are rarely used to connect to the internet as they are mostly broadcasting regular TV connection).

Then there's two cell phones which connect wireless 5g too.


Now that I've listed what's connected currently to the modem, solely the modem, i don't have a combo with a router or anything. I went about testing different things, all this before i even contacted a Rogers rep.



I checked across all my devices what internet speed i was getting via the Ookla, and even Rogers' own speedtest. Across all devices mentioned above (minus phone and the Hue box and both cellphone data turned off) i was getting regular ping 5-15, sometimes it would spike up to 30 or so, but not constantly. The jitter was also fine, between 3-20 tops. The upstream was between 20Mbps to 30Mbps which is fine considering the gigabit package i have says that id be getting up to 30Mbps. Now here comes the kicker, across all devices and with regular and normal lights on my modem CODA-4582U (the white one with the extra lights not the black one that first comes up when you google "CODA-4582") my downstream was fluctuating hard between 0Mbps to 7Mbps. Sometimes it would start out high as 150-200Mbps downstream but by the end of the test, the speed would have fallen to under 5Mbps and finish with a low number. Every so often i reset the modem between tests and for the first 2-5min after it finished booting up and a connection was made, my tests came back Ping 5-15, Downstream 800Mbps-1Gbps and Upstream 20Mbps-30Mbps, then those 2-5min would pass and again I'd see 0Mbps-7Mbps downstream (ping, jitter and upstream were fine).


Around December 2017, the main line between the two green boxes on either side of my house was found "wet". rogers techs came and ran a temp between the two boxes via running it from light post to light post. Internet was bad for the time they worked on the line but after that it worked just fine up untill beginning of March 2018. After doing the above tests, talking to about 5 Rogers' Reps, i had my first regular tech sent to my house. We spent about two hours looking through at everything, the modem, the lines, everything was showing 100% working status. He even changed my modem that was still 1st gen CODA-4582U to a 4th gen CODA-4582U. And the speed problem still didnt get fixed. Right before leaving, he decided to check outside lines. The Main Line temp was fine, however the line from my house to the Main Line was also "wet". That day and before he left he ran a temp line  to my house and that seemed to fix the problem, or so i thought.


Last weekend the problem returned. And i believe monday after another 5 Rogers Reps tried to help me through my problem, another tech came to my house. They had apperantly detected my modem out of regular signal range, not by much either, but apperantly enough that it could cause problems, so tech came, added another filter or MoCA to my line in the house and then everything seemed to work ok. Before leaving he told me that when the first tech from beginning of march left, the TVs were showing to have checked out green but there was still a red error on my internet, but now with him here everything showed green. So thinking i was done with the problem i thanked him and went back about my business.


Not even 3 days later, this past Wednesday at midnight, my modem randomly cut out, no whole house power outage or anything, just the modem. After it rebooted, the problem returned. I've finally managed to push the Rogers rep to send a "senior" tech to my house but . im not happy that i have to wait three days for him/her to come. I wonder how many more wires this tech will change in my house and then tell me the problem is solved.


I'd also like to mention that on all occassions that my downstream bites the dust, the weather outside is bad. beginning of march it had just snowed and the problem occured the very next day. Last Thursday before the second tech came it snowed again i believe. And since Wednesday it has rained quite a bit. I was told that the cables they used to run the Temp Lines for both the Main Line and the Line connected to my house are both made for such weathers and the problem couldnt be from those lines. But im completely out of ideas.


Thank you for your time and i hope this wasnt too long of a read but i tried providing all the information i could in the hopes that someone has any idea on what to do. Or what the problem is.




Re: slow internet speed issues


Hello, @TibiN


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thank you for sharing your concern with the Community. I appreciate all the details provided, we can run a few diagnostics on your connection and take the next step in finding the solution. Please send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. Our private messaging system is explained in this blog.




Re: slow internet speed issues

I was calling Rogers about canceling my internet service with Rogers after being with them for 7 years because of a better deal was given by another company, then the Rogers operator on the phone told me " we love our customer" and gave me a "good deal"! which is true in papers. They told me they would upgrade my 100mbps to a faster 150 mbps with some credit! They then asked me to go to their store to change the modem but ended up waiting 3 weeks (all Rogers stores near my place kept saying "we are out of stock!") Once I got the new "upgraded" internet modem I WAS GETTING ONLY 20MBPS WITH THE 2.4 GHz AND 50MBPS WITH THE 5 GHz WITH THE NEW "150MBPS" DEAL, MY OLD DEAL WITH 100MBPS WERE GIVING BETTER RESULTS WITH 80+ MBPS FOR BOTH THE 2.4GHz and 5GHz .




Re: slow internet speed issues

I Plan to Stick Around

Help with laptop and slow internet speed



I recently had a few problems with service in my area which were fixed. I upgraded to 500 Mbps service and the technicians were here again to check it as I am getting an average of 325 Mbps (except at lunchtime and right after school hours) and a max of 350 Mbps WIRED on my laptop. I have an HP Elitebook x360 with a gigabit card.


The tech inserted my network cable into his laptop and showed me the speed was as it should be, so the problem must be at my end. My wireless speed (standing next to the modem with my laptop or phone) is also a max of 350 Mbps, but I think that's to be expected with wireless. I have nothing else on the network when running the test. I also have Rogers home phone (2 lines) and cable and they work fine.


I've checked for spyware, viruses, malware - all clean. I've checked for things running in the background, e.g. my cloud backup, and changed it to only backup once a night. I've run through a few suggestions I've found online, but no change in speed. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I just ran a speedtest now and it's Ping=4, DL=349.41, Upload=20.76. It seems odd to me that it never goes over 350, not even to 351. 


Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Re: slow internet speed issues




@GeorgeCatubay15 - Thank you for joining and posting your concern in the Community. Getting slow speeds on WiFi networks is certainly not a pleasant experience. Have you tried testing the speed on a wired connection? Based on the result we can isolate the issue and look into finding the solution for you. 


@fionafars - I appreciate posting the slow speeds issue in the Community. On a wired connection for the 500u package, the speeds are usually a little over 500 Mbps. I couldn't find the specs of the Ethernet card for HP Elitebook x360, it seems it only comes with a dual-band wireless adapter. Are you using a USB Ethernet adapter? 




Re: slow internet speed issues

I just got the gigabit internet and the speed are 45 max I saw was 60 so not sure why it's so slow I already called them and raised it off the ground by one foot and still the same speeds it kinda feels like my old speeds other than my upload is faster but I should be getting 600-700mbps and it's not even hitting that I know I have a laptop that is old that's connected but other than that there is no excuse for these very slow speeds it should be going 600-700 easily for download speeds I haven't tried the wired connection yet but once I do I'll update you on the speeds but as of right now I doubt it'll hit 600-700mbps so if I have to call in a tech first I'll do that for sure anyways sorry for the long message just its very frustrating especially on a gigabit router knowing it should be higher than 60 mbps ok I just did wired directly and its giving me 545 mbps so Im gonna guess its a problem with the wifi portion as wired from router is fine and really fast

Re: slow internet speed issues

finding the solution for you? The only way for the solution to be resolved is by giving  me the right WiFi signal and speed because you guys tried to control it . how come that even my phone which is currently on top of modem is just receiving 20 Mbps? Thats impossible because you guys can control my internet speed at anytime, when I first received the modem I was only getting around 65-70 Mbps with a wired connection, then I phoned Rogers and the operator was able to change it from 65 Mbps to 150 Mbps from his computer. So why can't you guys do the same about my WiFi speed, i know it isn't about any interference issues because my old modem was fine giving me 90 Mbps with a 100 Mbps speed, while the 150 Mbps is only giving me 20 Mbps

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