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sleep timer 8642

I'm Here A Lot

With the changes for the 8642 PVR software does anyone know if there is a sleep timer added?

Aside from the slow response to the remote, this is my biggest complaint with this box.



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Re: sleep timer 8642

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Retired Moderator

Hello @Darren27,


Which guide do you have on your box? Is it the RTN (Red/Black) guide? 




Re: sleep timer 8642

I have the navigator update which erased all of my recordings and then all of the updates which were done afterwards. The guide itself is black.

I've gone through all of settings and cannot find any mention of it.

Re: sleep timer 8642



I just checked our test box here with the Navigatr and could not find a sleep timer setting anywhere either. I also checked the Navigatr guide here and couldn't find anything related to a sleep timer. 


@BS, are you familiar with this setting? 





Re: sleep timer 8642

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The old SARA guide had a sleep timer functionalty.


It was removed, for some reason, in RTN.  Onviously, it has not made a comeback in Navigatr.

Re: sleep timer 8642

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Hi @Darren27  Rogers, in their wisdom, has decided that you don't NEED a sleep timer.  They know what's best for you and they think you should keep watching the commercials on their TV programs 24 hours a day  🙂


This is just one of the features that Rogers DELETED when they 'upgraded' from the SA8300 PVR to the 'wonderful' NB2.  Rogers also ELIMINATED about 15 other useful features that I USED DAILY with my old PVR.


And I feel your pain Darren.  I SUFFERED without a sleep timer for over a year - and few will believe me when I say I suffered - but I was stuck with a TV where the remote sensor stopped working - so I couldn't set the sleep timer on my TV using my TV's remote control - and I almost always went to sleep listening to news shows (such as the excellent Rachel Maddow) - and for over a year I would then have the TV on all night while I was trying to sleep.  (NOT good for ones health.)

Re: sleep timer 8642

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Most TVs have their own sleep timer. It just won't turn your PVR, so the time display will stay on if that's how you have it set.

Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: sleep timer 8642

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As mentioned, the sleep timer has been gone since 2012.  In the early days of the setboxes, many of them had sleep timers and if you had the TV plugged into the plug on the back, your TV could be powered off too.  But generally, you don't power down TV's anymore, so we are left with leaving the box on and using the sleep timer on the TV control. Although my TV goes into a sleep mode (backlit only with a very faint grey), with no signal for a minute or so.


Again, just another example, of not giving consumers choice in design of the products we use, and why we don't believe that we are listened to - who ever asked to drop this, and I know I was never asked.  Oh by the way, why or why did I ever move up from Scientific Atlantic to the Cisco Nextbox.  Oh yeh, it was the new and wonderful tv experience, and it was HD rather than SD and I went for my first PVR.  Little did I know I would replace the first box three times, and because at the time they were marketing the box as rent to own over three years, and then to the top one with 8 recordings possible and larger storage, but yes, there was lots of nice things in the guide and functions on the old boxes that disappeared with loss of SARA.


Improving our viewing experience - only with loss of features, which they never asked us about it, or even mentioned it until we asked, and when we say we want it back, the answer is can't be done.



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