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I've Been Here Awhile

I just receive this spoof from Please do not response to this solitation of clicking to upgrade your yahoo mail.


First of all it is not a legitimate or email address. Secondly notice that the sender does not know my name, it addresses me as Dear Rogers Yahoo member. Ya everybody is a Dear Rogers Yahoo member.


Someone from or should put out an announcement to warning unsuspecting users from clicking the link and provide username and password.



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Re: scam, spam, spoof

Thought you might want to see this email coming to emails from


i know it is a bad email but wanted to bring its attention to you




From =?utf-8?Q?MasterCard=C2=AE/Visa_card=C2=AE_Award=2E?= Wed Mar 27 14:39:12 2013
X-Apparently-To: via; Thu, 28 Mar 2013 05:30:00 +0000
Return-Path: <>



Congratulations you have been approved to claim the sum of £500,000.00 in the MasterCard®/Visa card® Award. You are to email Mrs Anthonia at: for claims or call Tel  +44-797-417-9922

Re: scam, spam, spoof

I've Been Here Awhile
The email text is:

Dear Rogers Yahoo member,

We are currently in the process of making some changes to better protect your email and personal information. These changes require updates to Rogers Yahoo Mail settings in your mail program (MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Mac Mail, etc.) on all your computers and other devices.

Please click here for simple instructions on how to make the necessary changes to settings in your mail program.

Completing this process will help ensure that your email service continues without interruption.

Thank you,
Rogers Yahoo Mail Team


Re: scam, spam, spoof

I've Been Here Awhile
So this email is a scam?

Re: scam, spam, spoof

I got this email long ago. Of course it's spam. This is a classic phishing scam trying to get your personal information.

Re: scam, spam, spoof

Always take ANY email from ANYONE with a grain of salt.. and scruitinize them.


  • First thing like the OP did, check the email addres.  IN this case, was kind of of.  BUT the email can be faked and show up as a LEGIT one.. so dont only go by this.
  • Check the LINKS.  Dont actually click on them..  but as long as you have your web browsers status bar at the bottom, etc.. when you mouse over a link.. it will show the ACTUALL link.  Often the link TEXT on the email may show as being a legit one, but it actually takes you to a different site when connected.
  • One other thing to possibly do (easier on some email setups than others), is check the EMAIL HEADERS.  This shows WHERE the email originated from.  In there, there is usualy a SENDING server IP address.  You can look this one up in an IP WHOIS on the internet.. and see where its from.. from the correct sender.. or say from china or somewhere else, trying to steal  your info.


Re: scam, spam, spoof



Excellent advice as usual. I especially like the checking the email header one. With Outlook, for instance, it's very simple. To see it, right click on an email and select Message Options.

Re: scam, spam, spoof


Just took a peek in the new webmail.

Looks like if you open the email.. then click on the MORE.. then there is a VIEW FULL HEADER option.

Re: scam, spam, spoof

I've Been Around

Here's one I received today..          Rogers Yahoo! IT Help Desk Alert


Alert From Rogers Yahoo!

Rogers Yahoo! IT Help Desk just discovered that someone recently tried to access your Rogers Yahoo! account.

We prevented the sign-in attempt in case this was an email hijacker trying to access your account illegally.

Please review the details of the sign-in attempt:

Sunday, January 12, 2014 1:26:44 PM UTC
IP Address: (
Location: Fort Worth, TX, USA

Rogers Yahoo! IT Help Desk have already shielded your account from hijackers, but to fully upgrade to a more secured Rogers Yahoo! plan, please follow the Rogers Yahoo! link below for account re-verification and Upgrade;

Re: scam, spam, spoof

While they do have some blockout stuff, etc.. for when someone malicious, out of the normal locations, etc can happen.

But yeah.. that is a BAD LINK.. do not go there.

Re: scam, spam, spoof

I Plan to Stick Around

This one IS legit - [the one references by original poster in first and second post here] - email address can be spoofed anyway, but is actually a valid Yahoo domain name.  If you don't already know, Rogers subs out to Yahoo for mail services. If you look at the headers, the msg is coming from a subdomain of - in my case it is


It arrived at all of our @rogers email addresses on the same days, even rarely used "private" ones (what are the chances that a spammer would have all of them?) and the link redirects to a page on the Rogers website simply explaining the changes, not requesting any info from the visitor at all.

Re: scam, spam, spoof

I Plan to Stick Around


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