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I've Been Here Awhile
Dear Rogers Customer,

We are Research Strategy Group, one of Canada's most reputable custom market research firms, and we would like to invite you to participate in an online customer feedback survey we are conducting in partnership with Rogers and AskingCanadians, a leading data collection agency.

Your results and opinions will be combined with those of others and together will be instrumental in improving Rogers services and customer experience. Your individual responses are entirely confidential and will be used for research purposes only. You will not be approached for any other reason - we are only interested in your opinions.

If you are interested in taking part, we would have to ask you a series of questions to see whether you qualify for the study, which would take approximately 3 minutes. It will take about 15 minutes to complete the entire survey. To access the survey, simply click on the link below. If your email does not support hotlinks, cut and paste the link into your browser.

As a gesture of our thanks, all those who qualify and complete the entire survey will be entered into a draw for one of four cash prizes of $250. For Contest Rules and Regulations, please click here.

Please note the survey will be open till 11:59pm EST Tuesday September 8th.

Thank you in advance for participating in our online survey!

Research Strategy Group

For other inquiries or feedback about this study, please contact us at For any other comments about Rogers not related to this survey, please click on

This e-mail is being sent to you by Research Strategy Group on behalf of Rogers. Research Strategy Group and Rogers attempt to comply with all the provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) for commercial e-mail.


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Re: looks like a scam to me

I'm a Senior Advisor

Hard to say for sure.  RSG is a real survey company, and Asking Canadians is a very large company that does surveys for many companies including PetroCanada.  Petro Canada used to do their own surveys, but put them out to Asking Canadians a few years back.  Could a Rogers person confirm whether this is real.



Re: looks like a scam to me

I'm an Advisor

After doing a little digging around, I would say it's legitimate. I have not received this notice myself, though. That's probably because my marketing permissions don't allow it.

Re: looks like a scam to me

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee

Hm. It looks pretty legitimate to me. I can't confirm if it's real or not but the links appear to be to actual sites and not phony 'phishing' versions of the sites. The survey site is real as well.


Not to mention the e-mail has proper grammar. The scam e-mails almost always have bad grammar. I'd say this one is not a scam. But again one of the regular employees might be able to 100% state it is legit.

Re: looks like a scam to me

What set me off was the link to the site which should have been shortened IMHO. I haven't looked at the other replies yet as trying to get used to this site. Thanks!



Re: looks like a scam to me

I'm a Senior Advisor

Scams generally offer a guartentee of some sort (Fill out a survey and get a $50 gift card or an iPad or some other such bullspit.)


They generally dont offer a contest entry or link to actual contest rules.  This looks legit on its face...

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