rogers tv digtal box

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rogers tv digtal box

i have rogers digital box and i dont get any channels like 45,39,51, not really good with tvs




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Re: rogers tv digtal box

Hello hinimyshi

From what i know, those channels are on VIP. I could be wrong tho but have you called Rogers to see what they say about it? That would be the best thing to do.
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Re: rogers tv digtal box

I would agree with meowmix. Give them a call and see what package you have, more basic packages don't have all the channels (which could be the ones you are looking at)

If your package does include them, could be another issue like signal that you are not getting them.

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Re: rogers tv digital box

This could also be an issue where he is subscribing to a lower package, but may not have had a filter installed on his line in the past - giving him the impression that he is entitled to those channels.  NOW that he has gone digital, the box is automatically filtering out any channels that he is not paying/subscribed to.


I'm generalizing the situation, the OP needs to investigate further and do as other have said and verify with Rogers, but to those who might stumble onto this in the future, they must keep that in mind.


I'm sure as more and more channels become digital, and more and more people start getting digital adapters, this will become much more prevalent.