rogers tech"doesnt know" whats wrong

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rogers tech"doesnt know" whats wrong

Apparently he needs to see the modem physically drop a signal and try to establish connection for him to figure out whats exactly wrong. My internet line is apparently split off the same line my phone shares, so he says my phone line should shut down when my internet goes down, this is not the case. My television loses channels randomly and displays unavailable and takes hours to reappear apparently this is not a line issue but its a issue on rogers end where I am not receiving the channel signal from rogers intermittently. I told him that when I unplugged the amp in the garage my internet is rock solid but I lose all television capability. He said that is out possible because the amp is only connected to the cable line, okay this might make sense. He says there is nothing he can do but change a splitter because everything seems fine.



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Re: rogers tech"doesnt know" whats wrong

I remember from your prev thread..

Yeah.. from the sound of it.. its IS a issue in the layout of how the cables are connected.. from your testing, pretty much proves it.

Doesnt seem like he really looke enough.

He SHOULD have just pretty much tore it all out  and started from scratch and made sure its ran correctly, split correctly, etc.

Likely.. was a bad tech 😞

I had one, last week... i have has 2-3 other techs here over the years, and they all agree that the way the first guy did it, was layed out correct.  This guy was like "you need the filters on your internet and phone modem as well" Um.. no, the layout we have, already segrigates them.. and i called about the TV issue.. not about them.  He then of course blamed the one box.. (but it was happening to ALL boxes).

Even the home monitoring tech i had out on Sat, was impressed by the layout and checked signals even though he didnt need to for what he was doing.

Best i can sugest... is call in and complain about the tech not doing everything... ask for a DIFFERENT one, or a supervisor to come out.