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rogers cable

well its sunday, after working hard all week i was sitting back trying to watch the hockey game, on rogers vip HD service.  Notice the keyword there "trying".  As usual the service sucksand i cannot see even a full minute as the service is coming in and out, and stops all together.  If i had ANY other choice for cable tv service i would switch in 1 second, but as the only other option i have is dish service, i guess im stuck with watching nothing but static in between flashes of a hockey game.  Why do i pay for this crap.

ROGERS SUCKS. id call and complain to someone but there call centers are even WORSE than there cable service.  If anyone has a choice other than rogers id JUMP on it ASAP.





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Resident Expert
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Re: rogers cable

Were you able to watch the channel before?
Were any other channels having this interfearance?

Did you change any hardware (rogers boxes recently) or change any wiring?

Even disreagardless of the above.. it could be an overall general signal problem.  While i agree the people on the phone are not the best, they may be able to confirm a problem in the area already.. and at worse send at tech out.
When i first moved in, it was fine.. and suddenly started with signal issues.. tech came out, added a booster, and its fine.