recording 2 progs on PVR

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Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: recording 2 progs on PVR

Guessing well out of warranty then Smiley Sad

Are you able to watch one, and have a second scheduled thing record?
(Wondering if the dual tuner is going)

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Re: recording 2 progs on PVR

I noticed something tonight.  So, I have a show recording from 7:30-10:00.  And I wanted to record a 2nd show at 8:00 but not watch anything till later.  I waited till 8:00 to see what happened.  At 8:00 the PVR box displayed the second channel number, meaning it tuned to that channel, but it didn't record.  I went to that 2nd channel and pressed the "record" button, and both shows are recording now.  So it tuned to the 2nd channel but didn't automatically record it.  And, yes, sadly it's out of warranty.  I had 3 years and the PVR is more than 4 years old.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Posts: 13,829

Re: recording 2 progs on PVR

Ok.. that is IS recording 2, when you do it manualy.. means that the TUNER is ok, doing two at a time


I would ASSUME a software issue then?... i would think if it was more widespread, that we would be hearing more people here with it Smiley Sad  (like the hdd issue a while back)


Im at a loss right now otherwise.. unless more people chime in with the same issue, that its something that can be more globaly looked at.

You could TRY.. dont know if you can get rogers to WIPE and RE PUSH the software out for it.. see if that would fix it, if they can do it?


Sorry cant be much more help Smiley Sad

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Re: recording 2 progs on PVR

I also have an 8300HD PVR and have never seen this problem. I often record 2 programs that start at the same time.

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Re: recording 2 progs on PVR

rogers should just do what Bell did get the recievers that can record up to 4 channels at once at the same time while still watching a different program..

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Re: recording 2 progs on PVR

This sounds like it could be hard drive issue...  I would suggest watching all your programs you have on your hard drive, and do a full format.  If you want the instructions to fully format the pvr back to factory, just let me know and I'll post the instructions (can be done via remote!).  Please keep in mind that this COMPLETELY erases ALL recordings on your hard drive.