receiving text messages from outside Canada

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receiving text messages from outside Canada

Didn't see this anywhere. How much do I get charged for receiving text messages [on my cell] from the USA if I am at home when I get them? Conversely, how much am I charged to send text messages to someone in the US if I am at home?




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Re: receiving text messages from outside Canada

Hello @Cap07


The answer varies on your number you are in touch with. Are they a US number or a Canadian number?

Based on that, here is some information:


Pay-per-use sent messages to US or International numbers (No add-on)
• 45¢ per message

Pay-per-use sent messages to Canadian number

• Varies on plan and add-ons.

Incoming messages (If the plan doesn't included SMS)
• 25¢ per message (All provinces excluding Quebec phone numbers activated prior to 14-Sep-2012)
Incoming messages (If the plan does includes SMS)
• No charge

You can also get the Value Pack for $5 as an Add-on, if you have any of the Share Everything or Share Everything Plus Plans. The Value pack includes:
•Premium Voicemail-To-Text & 35 voice messages
•U.S. & International Preferred Rate
•Unlimited U.S. & International Text, Picture and Video Messages
•Name Display

You can find the above Value Pack full details here.

Hope this helps!




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Re: receiving text messages from outside Canada

Hi.  I just finished a Chat with Rogers Customer Service.  I have a monthly plan that includes Canada wide texting.  I was told that I would pay $0.45 per text for incoming text messages from the US.  I was also told that I would need to put a block on my account if I did not want to pay - as this is the only way to control incoming messages.


Is that right?

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Re: receiving text messages from outside Canada

Hello @YK62,



Thanks for reaching out to us to get further clarification on how the incoming text messaging works. As long as your wireless plan includes text messaging, you will not be charged for any incoming text messages while in North America or abroad. With this being the case, there is no need to add any blocks to your incoming text messages. I hope this helps!


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