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"No recordings scheduled"

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Had a strange issue with my 8642HD. This evening, I sat down to view some of my Scheduled Recordings (2 series that are on every weekday) and I noticed they had not recorded. I then noticed that in fact *nothing* today (Wednesday May 21st) had recorded, starting with 'The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" that should have recorded last night starting at 12:05am on CTV Toronto (ch 8).


I hit "LIST" on my remote again to switch to the Scheduled Recordings and nothing was there, just a box that said "no recordings scheduled". Aaagghhh!


I double-checked online ("manage my PVR" from the Online Guide) and confirmed... there were no recordings scheduled on my box.. yet there should have been dozens.


Before totally freaking out, I decided to reboot the box to see if that would rectifiy the issue.

Fortunately, it did! All of my (future) scheduled recordings now appear again.


Unfortunately, that does not help me get back what failed to record today.


I will have to go online and download them (none of them are available OnDemand).


Am just wondering if anyone has either experienced it themselves or heard of anyone else experiencing it -- and whether anyone has any ideas on wny this might have happened.


note: I checked the box's software/firmware versions and they are the same as they were before (I noted both after an update on April 14th).


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Re: "No recordings scheduled"

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I once had a similar thing happen with an 8300SD. When I pressed the LIST button, it was blank. All my recordings and scheduled recordings were gone. First I suspected a hard drive failure, but this was over a year ago and it's still working. All I can guess at is that a power glitch did it.

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