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"List" Menu No Longer Showing Shows' Icons on 8642HD PVR ?

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I have the older Nextbox 2 8642HD.

when I press the LIST buton, it used to display icons with graphics to denote my shows.

Now after last night's update, it's just a list of shows ... anyone else seeing this?


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Re: "List" Menu No Longer Showing Shows' Icons on 8642HD PVR ?

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Resident Expert

I'm not home right now so I'm going from memory. When you press list there should be an option at the top right to "view by" or something like that and you may need to press the "C" (or similar) coloured button to switch back to the icon mode.  If that doesn't work, try a reboot when nothing is recording.


Pressing the List button repeatedly should cycle you between the recorded programmes and the scheduled recordings.


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