question about switching phone

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question about switching phone

I am using galaxy s3 and I want to switch to iphone5. If I was going to upgrade the phone, I'd have to pay over $370 for early upgrade fee and there's no way I'm paying for that. So I found someone who is willing to switch his iphone5 with my phone. I am going to local rogers phone store with him and switch the phones. We are not switching numbers, just the phones. My question is do I have to pay rogers anything other than new simcard fee? Will I be able to get a replacement if I have an issue with the iphone in the future even though I am not the one who actually bought it?



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Re: question about switching phone

Hello rogp

All you need to do is just get Rogers to add the IMEI number to your account. This will let the tech support agents help you & give you a replacement within the warranty of the phone. Also you need to buy a Nano sim card, so yes you will need to pay the $9.99 fee to get it at the store. 




Also wanted to add here that you can switch to the iphone 5 with the purchase of the new sim card however with regards to the warranty/replacement option, it will only be applicable to the device you purchased from Rogers and within the 1 year period of the device purcahsed.   If you use/purchase a phone outside of Rogers you can contact Apple regarding any issues to see if they can help with the iphone.  Hope this info helps!