pvr causing front door monitoring to not work

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pvr causing front door monitoring to not work

I live in an apartment building where if someone buzzes to get into the front door, you can turn to a specific channel for "Lobby Watch" to see who it is before buzzing them in.

It doesn't work on my livingroom TV which has a PVR... only on my other TV that has a standard receiver... no pvr.


Is there not a way to have the monitoring  work on the PVR?




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Re: pvr causing front door monitoring to not work

There are boxes that have an analogue tuner in them and others that don't.  The ones that don't contain an analogue tuner will not be able to tune into the Lobby Watch Station because it is an analog signal.  What you can do is connect a splitter to your incoming cable, and one end into the pvr, the other end into the back of the TV's RF Coaxial input.  Then simply change your video source from cable box to TV Tuner (if you want to get creative, you can even program a unused key on the rogers remote to do such)  then put channel 59 on your TV set and you can watch the lobby cameras for the time being.


I also heard down the road some buildings are slowly migrating the lobby cameras to a digial QAM frequency, so they will not be analogue in the future and will work on all the STB's and the limitation you have will be no more.