port forwarding with SMC8014WG

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port forwarding with SMC8014WG

Hi I am trying to connect a ip ptz camera with win 7 and a rogers SMC8014WG router. It keeps telling me that port 80 is an illegal port.  I have a home network ,  the router and modem. what ever I need to do I am going to need step by step info. I can access my router but do not know how to fix this problem so everyone can access the cam. please help me! 



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Re: port forwarding with SMC8014WG

Port 80 is a required port that allows you to browse the internet. If you can access websites, that means the port is not blocked. I would recommend contacting the camera manufacturer for connectivity assistance or you can even view http://portforward.com for reference.
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Re: port forwarding with SMC8014WG

Open an internet browser
Enter address »

The router's main page opens for Login
Enter username - cusadmin
Enter password - password

These user credentials are default in smc network routers.
After you login, Click on "NAT" on left side of the page.
then a subfeature will open "Port Forwarding" Click on it.
Now your ready to open the port of your choice for your p2p programs.
Now under the customer defined service table click "ADD"
Then name it for the program your going to use the port for.
Like "UT"
Type : TCP/UDP
Lan server ip : You can check this by opening your "Local network connection" ipv4 address
Should be something like but it's not
Next step : Remote ip's - Any
Public ip port - Enter something between 11111-65555
now use the same port for the "private port"

this will work.




Hey everyone, 


For steps on how to setup port forwarding, please click the following link.



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Re: port forwarding with SMC8014WG

It's still doesn't work with my situation.  Any other possibility?

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Re: port forwarding with SMC8014WG

I talked to Rogers Tech Support and he went through the process but wasn't work either.  He suggest me to change the SMC8014WG modem/router.

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Re: port forwarding with SMC8014WG

Roger's help is pathetic for "port forwarding" granted that dam near every user is using VOIP not with Rogers.

The SMC8014WG makes it very difficult to port foward a range. I had it working after a lot of work and one day, a Rogers

tech support told me to "reset it" to enable access when I forgot the password.


voip apparently requires 5060-5070 UDP and 16384 -16482 udp


Those settings appear impossible to enter.

Any one been through this?



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Re: port forwarding with SMC8014WG

The Cisco DCP3825 gateway does appear, while still limited to say a current linksys router.. to have more port forwarding options.


@ Ramjet

From a basic test, i was able to enter in those port ranges in my Cisco.


As for the OP.

How are you forwarding it?
I dont have the SMC, but it should be the same (roughly).
You'll want to make sure your camera has a STATIC IP address (not dchp).
Then in the port forwarding.. set port 80 (if single port forwarding) or 80 to 80 if range.. protocol TCP, and the ip address of the camera.

This should send any regular web browser requests, made to your homes IP address, go right to the camera.
(i have port forwarding for port 80 set up going to a basic web server i use for testing, and it forwards fine with the cisco).


Now, how are you testing it?  Are you testing it FROM home? trying to connect to your own external IP for the camera?  The SMC  might not support loopback... that you cant essentialy go out then back in to view it.. i know many of the dlink stand alone routers are like this.  You would want to make sure to test it from an external connection.. even something as simple as a regular cell connection (no wifi on) on a smartphone would be enough, even if it cant load the page properly, at least let you know you are getting through.

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SMC8014WG Port Forwarding and poor CS from SMC and Rogers

You can forget getting any tech support from Rogers regarding port fowarding.

If you call SMC customer service, DONT put in 2 for Canada as you will end up back at Rogers tech support.


If you put in 1 for USA, wait till they rattle of the list of companies and put in the last option.


All the while so far you will hear a Scottish Accented voice.

The moment you get through to someone the volume drops by about 13db, to the point that it is extremely difficult

 to hear the voice, an Indian accent with a TERRIBLE CONNECTION. He starts speaking louder, it goes into distortion and he starts speaking quickly so with the terrible connection, you just hear noise.


Then you get him to speak normally, and slowly and it appears as though he is reading a help file.

No real knowledge of what he was doing. In fact, the information was quite obviously wrong having

worked through the problem about six months ago successfully but unable to recall exactly what I did.



The SMC8014WG has serious problems, it is next to impossible to open up a range of ports without getting "illegal port" , illegal name" etc.  After around 12 hours I'm planning on getting another modem and moving to TechSavy.


Now, the voip? I'm using 2 FreePhone lines, 1 Magic Jack, all work fine. What crashed and stopped working with resetting the SMC modem was "pennytell.com.au" voip lines, which normally work very well. Just list the ports from 5060 6o 5070.


All these lines, ports were working fine until an idiot in Rogers told me to "reset" the modem for me to gain access to the WiFi settings.


Has anyone been thought this?

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Re: SMC8014WG Port Forwarding and poor CS from SMC and Rogers

Very few companies, rogers, and others.. will help/support you with port forwarding.. as they cant guarantee that the hardware or software that you are trying to work with, will work, etc.. all they can really do is say 'its here'.  (same as they wont help you with a dlink or linksys router.. as its not their hardware, and cant guarantee compatability, etc).


I fully support moving away from the SMC.. never liked any of their products in the past... though switching providers to techsavy, wont necessarily help you with support with the forwarding..
forwarding DOES work with rogers as a provider... just possibly hardware issues that dont.


And hes not an idoit for asking you to reboot it.  9/10 times.. for ANY technology device.. that is the first step.  Reboot it.  That way it clears out all temp files, cache's, etc... and gives a clean start... THEN you can see if the problem persists or if it was a general lockup. (any windows user should be used to this :P)
As for the not being able to work after that reboot.. only thing i could think of, is that it pushed a firmware update with the reboot.. fixed your other problem, but broke something else? (again, sounds like a MS update :P)

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Re: SMC8014WG Port Forwarding and poor CS from SMC and Rogers

The Rogers tech support who told me to reset the modem did so ONLY because I needed to access my wifi and could not recall the password. It was that reset that stopped all my Pennytell numbers, on Linksys phone adapters from working.