poor service all around rogers.

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poor service all around rogers.

i got a call from rogers about a month ago because i was availble for an upgrade. i asked him if he had an cheaper plan similar to mine. He said it'll be better if u call back on ur billing cycle n hes going to put a note on my account for the changes, today they taking reservations for it and i called rogers customer care, she said we dont offer the plan anymore and plus she said we'r not taking reservations for galaxy s4. which is false >> https://www.facebook.com/Rogers 

first wen i got my phone from rogers i was paying 10$ extra monthly cuz one of ur store repersentatives said he'll be able to remove the add on later on, which he didnt do. i called rogers n talked to the manger didnt do anything. so thank you rogers for the lies


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Re: poor service all around rogers.

Hello SukhB

The reservations are ONLY online. Not over the phone. This is why the rep said that. Also some reps are not aware of phones being available of the reservation system.

Second the plan he offered you, ended a while ago. They can not give u a plan he offered u a month or so ago as the 6GB plan ended 2 or so months ago. The system will not allow them to add it unless a manager can override it.

I would call back the store u went to about the credit. Also store reps can NOT remove or add credits. The Rogers retention team can tho. Call them and see what they can do.