outlook.com hotmail web access issues

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I've Been Here Awhile
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outlook.com hotmail web access issues

For the past several days I am unable to access hotmail (outook.com,  live.com) via web browser while on my Rogers home internet connection. 


I get the login prompt, enter credentials, then get a blank page.


Tested on multiple combinations of O/S and browser. Tested using WiFi and wired connections. Solid failure. 


I can take the same device (iPAD), connect it to a different WiFi connection, and use outlook.com without a problem.



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Resident Expert
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Re: outlook.com hotmail web access issues

Just checked on my rogers connection..
Entered login info.. took about 3 seconds of a blank screen, but then did load the email screen.
This is using win7, IE11


Now, the only difference i MAY have, is that i am using the google DNS servers?
Though, that you can get to the LOGIN page.. wouldnt think the DNS would be a problem.. unless there are some major re-directs to different specific mail server names, etc which the DNS would be failing on.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: outlook.com hotmail web access issues

Good thinking on the DNS.... I will check that later qhen I am home. 

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Re: outlook.com hotmail web access issues

I had this same problem with my MSN.COM e-mail for the past few days.    Hotmail.com was not affected by whatever this problem was.


My problem was limited to web access for Microsoft e-mail/calendar/people and ONedrive.    Whenever I tried to log on I just got the spinning wheel and nothing happened after that.   I was able to access my e-mail thru Outlook 2007 thick client and also thru Windows 8/8.1 MAIL/CALENDAR/PEOPLE METRO app.


I too tried to use Google DNS vs Rogers to see if it helped but it did not make a difference so it was not a DNS issue.


I opened a support ticket on the microsoft web site 3 days ago and it took a while to get a response and the Microsoft tech asked me to do a trace of my login issues with a utility i had to download the sent the the results.   Sometime today the problem went away and am back to normal.