ok rogers..do u want me to go to bell?

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ok rogers..do u want me to go to bell?

ok this whole iphone 4s reservation system is a joke...ive been waiting for my phones for how long, and yet people i know here in hamilton who preordered the phone after me and were a higher number somehow get theres first  (same models)  and mine are in progress for the wifes, and mine hasnt moved from 347 in god knows how long... then i try and call and add another line to my account to be on the phone for over 2 hours to finally get to someone who can help. she proceeds to tell me the department that would be able to help us out closed 30 min ago. im starting to get very aggitated at this "quality" customer service. its beyond disrespectful to get people to preorder a phone and then sell those phones to people who walk of the street? funny your competetors were able to supply all there preorders before  the store. guess telus and bell are doing a better job then you guys eh?? 


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Re: ok rogers..do u want me to go to bell?

To be honest Bell is just as worse. I used to have a cellphone line with bell in which i live in Scarborough, Ontario not far from 1 of their towers & i only got 3 bars out of 5. Most of the times my call would drop & i would barely even get service. Have fun going with the, tho 🙂 I had reserved the iPhone 4S 32GB black on the first day & i was the first #17 in line. I went into progress on Sunday the 9th & on friday morning ( launch day) at 5:30am i went outside of my local rogers plus & waited. Only 6 of us were there waiting. I got my email that it shipped out in the morning while i was waiting outside. So i got mine from the Store & called my store & told them i do not need it.



Rogers yes has made a huge mistake with the reservation system but if you want your phone so bad get one straight from Apple. Apple sends the amount that Apple wants. Not what Rogers wants. Apple was to make the decesion on how many phones each carrier will get since the supply is high & Apple does not have so many phones. Rogers can only get what Apple sends them. Its been said many times before if you read threw the threads. also you say you reserved one the same model right? Does that mean same color also?

You do realize that the people that work at Rogers ( costumer service) have life's & go home after work?

Bell & Telus have phones in stock because if you really think about it Not everyone will buy this one. Bell just released the SGS 2 about 2 months ago. So many people bought that one. They do not have money to spend 2 months right after to get this. Same goes with Telus.


Even the people that pre ordered with Bell & Telus & even Apple they are still waiting for theirs. Its all Carriers understand that.


You are mixing up things here hakb404. Pre orders & Reservation is not the same thing

Pre orders mean = You pre order your phone & you get it at launch. ( depending on how many phones the carrier will have)

Reservation means = You reserve a phone but you are not guaranty to get it at launch. You will get it once its your number in the line & they call you.

read this. It might be from last year but it will show you that even people in the states know what the difference is.