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not a valid credit card number?

I've Been Here Awhile

I have a pay as you go phone and I'm asked to register my credit card and subscribe auto top-up again. I tried several time but the website keeps saying I didn't provide a valid credit number? I tried 2 cards. On is PC master card and the other is MBNA master card. Neither work. What's the problem.


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Re: not a valid credit card number?

@KittiePlaysTv : You've replied to a 4 (to 😎 year old thread.  I'm not sure I understand your comments because Rogers Bank is MasterCard, not Visa.

Re: not a valid credit card number?

I've Been Around

This is still a problem, and it's bigger than Rogers. I left Virgin in frustration because I could never set up a credit card on their website and it was always a big freaking process when a card expired to get the new one on there. Went to Rogers, and same thing - it didn't like my CapitalOne Costco Mastercard, or my mbna Visa. I went to Rogers in person and the guys couldn't add the cards either, even though I bought my new SIM card with one of them. I finally got it to work with a Tangerine Mastercard that I otherwise NEVER use, so now I have to keep that dumb card just because it's the only one that works with cellphone companies, apparently.

Re: not a valid credit card number?

So after 8 years, has this problem been fixed yet?


I tried to register a Visa and Mastercard, neither of which went through. Used a few different browsers including Chrome, FF, Brave, Edge...


C'mon guys. Your website should not be this intrinsically broken for such an extended amount of time.

Re: not a valid credit card number?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

I just changed my expiry date last month without problem.  Not sure what the issue is with yours.  Here's a link with some other tips regarding browser use:


If it still doesn't work, you may wish to try the other contact us methods.  Of course it's important to enter the syntax properly, not to make any typing mistakes or transposing expiry dates.  Usually you enter the CC number without spaces, etc.

Re: not a valid credit card number?

I Plan to Stick Around

2020 and it's still a problem.


Petro Canada isn't letting customers into the store. 


It's the worst system ever, and it happens continually.


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