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new sign in menu for on demand

I've Been Around

i am very unhappy with the new on demand menu..please change it back! The font is extremely difficult to read. It doesn't list who the actors in the films upfront , and the navigation is not that intuitive. In a sentence, it looks like some kid made it. Very unprofessional looking- for all this money and frequent glitches, is it too much to ask to just leave something that does work alone?




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Re: new sign in menu for on demand

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Wasn't trying to defend anything, sorry if it came out that way.

Just been trying to explain it should t look like that/have that issue on the HD box.
With mine, when you go to RoD takes you to an hd screen with boxes for movies, and specific rod channels, etc. All are clear.
Selecting one of them takes you to a menu like list of all the shows in text, clicking one breaks down to season/episodes, etc.
All clear and hd, etc.

Sorry for the confusion.

Re: new sign in menu for on demand

I'm a Senior Contributor

I complained about that too!

They told me I was the only one complaining!


Solution: They sent a technician to the house! (Who was furious obviously)


It also does not list how long the movie is available!


Good luck!





Re: new sign in menu for on demand

You're not the only one but it is interesting as they told me the same thing.. I'm the only one!

I've had two tech's  out and spent more time than I would like on the phone with "Customer Service" (HA!).

I have been told that my HD PVR and My Hd  4250 and yes an SD (all Scientific Atalanta) were not compatable with the new On Demand menu that they have rolled out.

Because I have purchased my boxes (from Rogers) and not rented them, they have told me that there is nothing they can do as they are out of warranty. ( I didn't realize that them UPDATING a menu that used to work just fine and make my 2 year old box obsolete is fair and warranty based) The thing that gets me riled up is that they know that this new guide is not compatible with their own product yet they won't stand behind it.   

I laughed as I watched the Shomi ads as they tout the new "picture collections for easy navigation" which is not supported by any of my boxes. No pictures...just Lego blocks. Even better, they keep trying to telll me it is only a cosmetic issue and they will change the fonts and "sorry I don't like the fonts".

I know customer service has never been their strong suit but the complete lack of ownership of this problem is unsettling.


Re: new sign in menu for on demand



If your HD PVR is an 8300, it appears Rogers sent out some kind of update that fixed it. I'm in Toronto East York and it's been working for roughly the last 2 weeks. The menu hasn't changed, of course, they just fixed the graphics lego block look. Where are you located and do you see anything on your 4250 and SD box at all? I assume the menu is there, but maybe unreadable.

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