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my guide & manage my pvr missing

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Where is My Guide on new site.  I need this  I use it to set my pvr. im disabled and cant use remote



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Re: my guide & manage my pvr missing

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Yes, I have been using both the yes and no with explanation on the FAQ's - amazing how many times of late, I say, nothing there, but credit to Rogers that someone is reading these, responding, and it also means that they are improving and keeping this information current.  It wasn't always standard practice, and it is nice to see.



Re: my guide & manage my pvr missing

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Update on status of Manage my PVR (Recordings tab on Anyplace TV)


There is none - I called in just to ask - nothing to say, but coming soon.


Wouldn't respond to my point on the issues between Comcast and Tivo


The most recent public announcement on the Tivo Comcast front is that Tivo has now taken them to court on the feature of being able to pause on one device and resume on another.


No decision on that one as of yet, so the feature is still active across all Comcast distributions - Last update in the news was last month.


So Coming Soon - well only if you hope and pray, maybe - it lies with the courts for now unless Rogers pays for its own license, or Comcast finds a way around the legal issue, or pays for the license.


Every wonder why Cable keeps going up in price - I never thought about the fact that all this online access to TV manage PVR, and many other features that we get as "value added", is not free - it all involves a license cost to some company, because these features are rarely built in house, and even then, companies have to tread carefully with the patent and license issues - that is what got Comcast caught, along with the fact that they cancelled their contract with TIVO foir their guide last year, so I guess Tivo came back hard on the license issue and so that is why we do not have the manage your PVR feature.


The Home app version, is considered to be a legacy version and each of the companies using Comcast (now Ignite TV on Rogers, still Comcast under it), has an app on the phone for manage PVR, but nobody has it on streaming app, or on the Desktop, or laptop.


So, coming soon - it will come when it comes.  Might as well just take the recordings tab off totally, and tell us that it may be returned as a feature at a future date.


So, if we are ever going to see it again, it will probably be announced.


I was thinking that rather than having really high costs on our cable and all these features, why not just offer them as add-ons and I will pay for what I want - kind of pick and pay of features - that is actually what XFINITY (Comcast) in the states is doing - they maintained their old platform 2 years in now, and if you want cloud PVR, you pay for it, as well as other features.  I don't and can't anymore pay for features I don't use.


If I hear more, I will report.



Re: my guide & manage my pvr missing

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How long is it now since Rogers killed the web app?  A couple of years at least? Yet, the cellphone and tablet apps still exist and are being maintained. Why is that? Surely maintaining and updating the web app can be no more difficult than the cellphone app. Any idea why Rogers is dragging their feet on this?

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Re: my guide & manage my pvr missing

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Resident Expert


How long is it now since Rogers killed the web app?  A couple of years at least? 

Time travels faster as you get older.  😉 It's only been since early October 2017 and some of us (like you and me) were able to use the "workaround" to an old link for a while after that. So 5 months, not two years.


The workaround worked until around the end of October 2017, November 9th for you, a few posts down.