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my guide & manage my pvr missing

I Plan to Stick Around

Where is My Guide on new site.  I need this  I use it to set my pvr. im disabled and cant use remote



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Re: my guide & manage my pvr missing

I'm a Senior Advisor

Well, I got a response to my concern, actually quite quickly, and this is what I would summarize that is the position we are in from what I was told.


They stated that they will take the whole manage my PVR and all my issues summarized from all the posts of late to the team for consideration.  I pointed out that the use of the Home version on a tablet or home is not a solution for many as persons such as myself with movement disorders and visual and cognitive issues - I just work best on a laptop.


I think the reality is their hands are tied given the reality of the Comcast/Tivo litigation results is that we have the same thing that every Comcast X1 product has - now renamed as Ignite TV product (previously referred to as the X1 IP-based video platform).  Nowhere in the report do they even mention Comcast and the above is the only reference at all to the Comcast platform or X1, which was widely mentioned in earlier reports.  Guess a decision was made to disassociate from any reference to Comcast in public dissemination.


But I digress a bit, lots of information came at me over the last few days and I will keep this one more concise than I usually am. (or do my best - you guys know me by now).Smiley Happy


Rogers is caught in a bind on the manage PVR since they are dedicated to the Comcast model implementation and are deep into it by now, and since no other company using the model has a web based version either as ordered by the courts, they were all given the option of keeping the single older app version like our Home version.  Each company has their own version, but our situation is common across all product implementations of Comcast across North America at this time and Comcast has made it clear officially that they see implementation for this web based version in the near future, and continue to work with appeals to the decision arguing that their version is a completely internally built option not using any of Tivo's historic patents that Comcast claims are not applicable under the new model they have internally developed.


So the only way I can see Rogers bringing this back is if they bring back the older web page as a single stand alone item separate from any Comcast implementation, but I am sure there are huge licensing issues and it all depends how far they have gone and whether the platform is available.  They did say they would take my concern forward for discussion and continue to aim to move quickly in a timely and responsible way towards the implementation of the new services.


So not great news for those of us who really did use this feature frequently and found that it was a great adjunct to the Navigatr PVR interface which I know I found and still find cumbersome to use, but have learned over time - the muscle memory has kicked in, but the poor layouts and general managability is still a compromise.


In addition, as @JohhnyRockets has put it so clearly, for them the app is not a viable option, as it is not for myself either. 


So they have heard me, and for now, I am going to walk away from all this, and comment on changes as they come and anything I may learn with the other implementations.


But it was made clear to me that although it can be frustrating to not know what is going on behind the scenes when new products are being developed, that they would assure that timely communication came out as they were ready to release it, and that is their right.  I corrected them that it is not the behind the scenes issues that I even really care to know about, it is the loss of features that all began with the Navigatr mess and that I am used to what we finally got and a lot of it is a compromise to ease of use for a user and someone like myself with significant challenges with learning new things, and getting beyond the frustration of working with poorly implemented and designed feature sets.


I also acknowledged that I understood that in this decision there are always unexpected things such as the need to implement it into all the browser sets, internal targets, and responsibility to their shareholders.


The reality is that in my read of the financial statements, they are still making good profits even though they are selling less wireless hardware, churn is up in the last quarter, falling Cable continues, and they make their profits, which they openly acknowledge by the increase in high cost data plans, the higher cost share everything plans with value added services, and increases in prices of all services, and the move of people to higher Internet speeds along with emphasizing the selling tied to plans of the higher end phones, with less emphasis on smaller plans and simple phones for those of those who don't need a computer in our hands.


So they are kind of backed into a corner, but that is the rationale side of my brain speaking.  It doesn't take away that their service model is not meeting my needs well, services keep falling for me while prices keep increasing, and implementations of TV have not been successful for them for over 3 years now in their race to keep up with the IPTV world.


And yes, I agree, it does seem that Rogers cannot get their act together, and ultimately, I don't see this changing much as long as they keep chasing arbitrary deadlines, highly dependent upon technology that is not always well implemented or so new that some if just disappears - when did anyone last mention rich communication services, and WIFI and VOLTE that you often never know whether it will work on your new phone or not.


They are hanging together on the marketing of dreams, - they used to lead in technology, but I don't think they can make much claim to that anymore - they always seem to be a year at least behind and often don't get in place at all.  Just speaking from my perception of the last few years on the Internet and cable side as a relatively high end TV user, low Internet user and used features like manage PVR to aid in my use and overcoming my own challenges due to disabilities.


So on that note, I will close off - I have asked them to consider changing that coming soon and to be more specific on a statement on the browsers, and to open up and be honest to the customer that the changes we are experiencing that are inconveniences, and a disruption to their model of end to end customer experience, and to find creative solutions to communicating, while meeting the demands of getting the job done, non disclosure agreements that are common and understandable, but finding a way for the user to be comfortable with unexpected changes in their services and to have a reasonable understanding of where things are going and the progress.  A challenging task, I will agree, but I have suggested language that may help - like - recordings, manage my PVR has been removed due to unexpected decisions by our supplier.  We continue to work closely with them as we move towards the integration of our new IP-based video platform and gradually bring all hoped for features online in a timely and successful manner.  I said strongly that "coming soon" needs to be dropped, and that dropping reference to Safari and no reference to Firefox just leads to concerns by customers that they have decided not to support them at all.


So we will all see over time - I have spent too much time on this, but I really did want to get a better understanding of what is going on as it guides me in making a tough decision this summer when I may not even have TV services from a provider anymore and how well they respond to our concerns and communicate will be part of the decision.


I am probably looking at going real old school - TV antenna, channel masters new streaming and antenna box, a third party Internet and home phone on dedicated VOIP, or a mix across companies of different services - what ever best meets my needs at reduced income.


But for now, I will live with what we have and wait and see what we get.  It will all come, but soon, that I am not confident about.  But then again, they do have a little under a year to hit their original release period of the 4th quarter.  Consider navigatr - 2015 - 2017 to get what we now have, and then end of 2017, we they start messing around with that model as we move to the new one.  So hopefully they can do far better than 2 years we went through with Navigatr.


We can hope. At the end of the day, each of us makes a choice what we are willing to deal with.  I am still willing to give them a chance, but the clock is ticking.


Over and out, and I will go enjoy some movies.




Re: my guide & manage my pvr missing

I'm a Senior Advisor

@OLDYELLR  Yes, I noticed too that it was only the recording label that was in French - it would be a simple code change to bring the French language to it (we are in Canada after all).


In options, the coder puts in a choice list for French or English - if French, show French language version of object from main menu, if English show Recordings.  Pretty easy code change to test the feature.


Now they have to do the big work of writing a second full French page for all pages they will support the French on, and then.


Good proof of concept - works on a simple level. 


I am not sure I would call us Beta testers anymore - beta testers have a true roll in the process and are active partners in the process and are always kept in the loop.


I think I would call us unwilling observers of their programming process and we get it in what ever form the deadlines, and powers that be decide we will see it, then we complain and then we get wait.


Our roll, to placidly take what we get from them on their schedule, and try to figure out how to work with it and to complain.  Now how does that contribute to end to end user experience.  Clearly as we have seen since Navigatr reached us, it is a great way to annoy the customer and get media, and if we push hard enough and enough of us do, we see changes, but as has been suggested, maybe it is felt that things like browser choice, manage my pvr, french language options are things we can all just learn to be patient with waiting, and in some cases, maybe it is decided that it is just not something they are going to give to us.


FAQ is back up -


Can I control my PVR with anyplace tv


You’ll need to use the Anyplace TV Home Edition app to control your Rogers digital boxes and PVRs. Learn more about the Anyplace TV Home Edition app.

Follow the appropriate link to get the Anyplace TV Home Edition app:

Get the Anyplace TV Home Edition app on iPhone 
Get the Anyplace TV Home Edition app on iPad 
Get the Anyplace TV Home Edition app on an Android phone
Get the Anyplace TV Home Edition app on an Android tablet


Why can't I control my PVR from anyplace TV


This feature was temporarily removed as we make some changes to provide an even better experience. Don’t worry, it’ll be back soon! In the meantime you can use our Anyplace TV Home Edition app to manage your PVR.


So that is the current status, and we get to watch.


As I mentioned, I think it is time for me to walk away, I am just annoying myself with this.  They will do what they want in their own time, and I do acknowledge that a big change like this will be challenging as we have seen in terms of trying to roll out the Internet apps, and the new boxes, and make sure it all runs on the network and the communication is becoming clearer and some things they will not be able to say publically I suspect.


So, I am going to depart from this discussion and the board - I am blocking myself on my router.


It is warming up, there is more sunlight, and it is time to get my rear end up off my couch and get moving again.  Time to get out of my disability imposed hibernation and way too much time on a computer and my TV. A wonderful world awaits me out there.


Take care everybody.  Sometime this year we will see just exactly what this whole thing is going to be, but they are just starting the public soft launch (not a beta), and they seem to be on their targets.





Re: my guide & manage my pvr missing

I Plan to Stick Around

Interesting comment about the money being in data plans.  Is that wifi or cable?   

Is the same for Comcast? 

Understand that Rogers is locked in.   We can armchair quarterback that forever, but it is what It is. 

My guess is Comcast will be moving to resolve the legal stuff pretty fast.  Not fully serving people using laptops has to be a drag on market share etc.  

What or who is this TiVo that they are in dispute with?   I'm guessing it's a US thing not Cansdian?  So in that case would be ok to use the offending Web app in Canada? 


Is the lack of a Firefox support also related to the legal issue or is that just a Rogers strategy?

as I said before it's a rather ironic commentary on the concept of web content should work transparently across any browser, the browser does all the work.  Customising for specific browsers should be counter productive. 


Re: my guide & manage my pvr missing

I'm a Senior Advisor



@RichardF wrote:

Interesting comment about the money being in data plans.  Is that wifi or cable?   




Both areas - they now are putting cable, home security, home phone and Internet under one financial line with them broken out individually, but reported as a group.  The discussion was that they have more home phone users (not surprising since they basically give it for almost nothing in bundles, as does their competition, but get it separately, and you would be looking into the 50 and upwards ranges depending upon features and minutes of long distance.  There is not huge movement on the numbers of subscribers, with cable falling as it has for years now, but they say the revenue from bundles of multiple services and increased Internet bandwidth with over 54% on 100 Mbs and above is the big factor.


On the phone side, they make it clear that they are making their money on high end phones and large data bundles and the share anything plans, and they have even dropped out the low end of people on small plans who appear to be ready to move out of the counts, so customers like me won't be in the count since Oct 1st.

Is the same for Comcast?

Similiar patterns, but of note, drops in their cable customers, but increase in revenue due to increased cost of services on renewals and new customers, drops in phone services, with loss in revenue concurrent with that drop, and drops in their numbers of Internet customers too, again with increases in revenue, so obviously they must have increased their prices, and my guess, with more competition, as my son in law informs me, people walked on them, but still kept enough to make more money.  Sound familiar?


Understand that Rogers is locked in.   We can armchair quarterback that forever, but it is what It is. 


That was my conclusion after my last correspondence was that I was beating a dead horse that will run me down if I stay in the way, so I will just sit back and watch, and speculate.


My guess is Comcast will be moving to resolve the legal stuff pretty fast.  Not fully serving people using laptops has to be a drag on market share etc.


The financial discussions on the whole thing is that TIVO continues to pressure them in court, but Comcast has already discussed informally, they are after a base footing of what ATT paid for the patents and others who did so recently too.


What or who is this TiVo that they are in dispute with?   I'm guessing it's a US thing not Cansdian?  So in that case would be ok to use the offending Web app in Canada? 

The TiVo is now owned by a company called Rovi - TiVo has been around forever and created the IPG model whereby you bought a little TiVO box and subscription with a built in tuner and it tuned your stations for recording on VCR.


They have expanded in their reach such that their original patents and licenses cover almost everything that we use - voice control remotes on set top box, whole home TV, both MOCA on COAX and WIFI, the manage your PVR, to name the ones that come to mind first - they have box designs in the IPTV world, integrated with OTT, for use with OTA digital antennas and OTT deep integration search and suggestions (oh yeh, that is theirs too - the courts supported two of the first 6 put forward as being used without licensing by Comcast, and they have just dropped two more into the US and international courts again), they provide IPG meta data, and also support the Cable Card industry in the States, and some cable companies in Canada have used their boxes too - Cogeco I believe is one of them.  They have their hands in every bit of TV, but their major income stream is actually licensing.


And yes it covers Canada too.  I suspect they will be settling this very soon - TiVO is being very aggressive on their patent - Comcast contract just ran out with them, and Comcast also dropped their IPG metadata and went to another provider, which the financial articles suggest is why TiVO went at them so aggressively.



Is the lack of a Firefox support also related to the legal issue or is that just a Rogers strategy?


Has nothing to do with the legal issues at all - just technical decision I suspect to go first with one browser when they were using their in house engineers, and then when they moved to their homes on the Rogers Internet platform, and then probably brought in IE next to provide more browser availability to the customers who join the soft launch that was announced on here somewhere by an RE.  I suspect that one of the requirements of a person to join the soft launch is to agree to have Chrome and IE available for use.  For me I would have to reinstall IE - I uninstalled it as you now can on Windows 10.  By default it is installed with Windows components, but you can remove it and just go edge, or whatever you choose.  They seem to be pretty much on their schedule of Internal testing finished by fourth quarter, live testing by engineers only, which would require the Internet browser access and mobile apps to fully have it fully tested by their engineers beginning in fourth quarter, and to bring a small group of chosen customers (don't know how they are selecting them, or if it is volunteer like the Hitron?, that is not clear) in the first quarter of 2018, so they are right on schedule, but unfortunately, the legal issues and the amount of time to make everything fully compatable on all browsers takes resources and time.  But we are seeing things each day right now.


The French interface is now fully implemented - noticed that when I logged in today, it defaulted again to french - so I suspect the developer/testers finished the French interface, and left it defaulted there when they pushed it out.  It is just a click of the button to change it in the settings with the gear.  There is an option on the mobile apps too.


as I said before it's a rather ironic commentary on the concept of web content should work transparently across any browser, the browser does all the work.  Customising for specific browsers should be counter productive. 


In my reviewing of the code in the browser of an XFINITY log in at my son in law's home in the states, I could see that there were error codes directed specifically at Firefox, IE, and Safari, and had messages that would pop up - some of them were actually kind of cute if I recall, like go get a coffee and come back, but also clear your cache, and also go to Chrome - no error codes that I found related to Chrome.


All other companies using the distribution in Canada and the US have all browsers in their support specifications, so I guess they worked them out - for example, Shaw is ahead of Rogers on their implementation as is XFINITY and  Cox communications in the states.  Quebeccorp has not started yet, but is committed to it.


So that is the summary with additional information - all through pure grunt work of searching the Internet - actually not that difficult, it was well publicized the legal issues, and you could find the discussions about managing your PVR on all company forums using it - they all had to suddenly drop it, and XFinity, it was post implementation.  The other stuff, was just being lucky to be able to see the web browser code at my son in law's home, and he also showed me the apps and logged in when he visited over Christmas - by the way, he did not move to the IPTV, he is sticking with Cable as long as he can - as he said, I don't need the bells and whistles - in fact he rarely turns his box on, he runs OTT, antenna and the web browser from a very high end digital media centre he and his wife built together.  He is not a PVR watcher - they have been OTT tv viewers for years, they only have cable because it was dirt cheap and only a basic package, and they are gamers, and for people who complain about Millenials, they play with Lego, invite family and friends over for board game parties, actually rent a lot of movies from the Red Box at 99 cents for one night.  They are tight fisted with their money, and my daughter makes software engineer salary in US dollars and he stays at home and looks after his nephews, visits his sister and family, and cooks and cleans.  Just a side point - he says he will never go IPTV, or when they tried to increase his rates, he just said, fine disconnect it all, I can get someone else, so they have to play the same game.


But, yes it is coming, it does appear that their may not be full compatability across browsers, but it can be dealt with as we have seen on other company implementations.  I suspect that Rogers is playing it safe so that they don't get hit with another major failure like the Navigatr, and then internal IPTV development.


Thanks for asking the questions and glad to pass on what I have learned - now we wait for Rogers to finish their soft launch and then to rollout they say is late 2018, and all companies wait for the outcome with Comcast and TiVo,


As do we too.


As Mulder used to say on the X Files - the truth is out there.



Re: my guide & manage my pvr missing

I'm a Senior Advisor



The full French interface titles and settings is now in place on both the mobile app and the Browser apps - Even the login screen has a French version, available by clicking at the top right of the screen - toggles back and forth.  And it evens comes up in French interface if you logged in from the French login screen.


So credit where credit is due.


Looks like one browser at a time we will now see it soft launch with Engineers and users (see @Meowmix 's post on what she learned about the launch - can't remember where I read that, under the IPTV thread I think and most things functional at this time on the browser and app side of things, hope they get the other browsers going by full launch, because it impacts those of us who are staying cable as well as the IPTV customers, and the manage PVR is in limbo until Comcast resolves their issues with TiVo, or they come up with a plan B.


But so far, I must say, things seem to be flowing better than Navigatr ever did - it was dead in the water from day one, and their internally developed one, like Shaw's was dead as soon as they took it live out of the internal lab networked setting.


But I think I have run out of things officially to say - communication has improved - I will officially acknowledge that they did listen and there is a new FAQ out there for each of the apps, and the Web Browser, only a couple of days after the changes rolled out, and officially there when the French version was finished.


So I am willing to give credit where credit is due.  I still would love to see more timely communication, and how about an Engineer like with Hitron here on the site to listen and be the official middle person.


But they certainly have a long history of keeping changes under wraps for a long time.  I can always hope for change.  Big ships are hard to turn around - I think their last CEO said that one.