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mandatory modem rental?

I Plan to Stick Around

I am getting conflicting information from Rogers chat personnel and Rogers store personnel so I'm hoping someone here has been through my situation and can help.


I must downgrade to Internet 5 for financial reasons. I would cancel my Rogers account altogether but my wife needs access to her email account for a while. So, what I need to do is, in effect, buy an email address. We will never be accessing the account through a pc connected to a rogers modem. It would be accessed only through webmail.


I've asked on rogers chat if I could pay the $24.99 and pay no modem rental, as I will not be using rogers cable. Yesterday, I was told that was possible. Today, I went to the Rogers store to put things in motion, and I was told that the information I was given was wrong, and that even though I didn't need a modem, I had to pay for one. I didn't need to actually take delivery of one. I just had to pay for one.


Has anyone here had this situation and found a way around paying for a modem that I will not even take delivery of?


Thank you



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Re: mandatory modem rental?

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee

You can move your email account to a friend or family with an active internet account if you like, then cancel your service at that point.



Re: mandatory modem rental?

I've Been Here Awhile

I don't understand this response. Are you saying that I can move my Rogers email account to my daughter's Rogers' service and then cancel my Rogers service?? Or do you mean, I can move my Rogers email account to my son's Execulink service and cancel my Rorgers service?

Re: mandatory modem rental?

I'm a Senior Advisor

Unless someone has a creative solution to this one, and I suspect that you will only be able to achieve it through a discussion with retentions (may not be useful though since your desire is to completely drop the service, unless you have other services to that may help with negotiations).


In general, the offers on the lower end are very inflexible as a 25.00 Internet package was mandated, but that was service only, not equipment rentals.


You may just have to bite the bullet for a few months, dig deep and make the time to get the email addresses taken care of. I cleaned all my rogers email up in about 3 weeks - I probably missed some institutional accounts that I gave that email, but I figure they all have alternative contact addresses and phone numbers and can still get me.  I recently had a company follow up on something and I learned they had an email from 3 services back.


And one other thing I have learned, the same way you did, a discussion with CSR's often leads to surprises when you go to make your equipment changes at the store that you were misinformed.  The only way I have found around that one was discussions through escalation that you were told one thing and got another, and received a credit, but i have been in the position that I had long loyalty, and I wasn't trying to downsize services.


I am currently trying to downsize service for the same "financial reasons", and I have been finding that there is very little flexibility when you are trying to reduce costs and services.


Good luck,  maybe someone has a creative solution they know of.


Have you tried @communityhelps using the Private messaging system found in your profile in the top right corner of the page. They sometimes can help.



Re: mandatory modem rental?

I Plan to Stick Around

JamieN: It was explained to me that the "other person" needs to have a Rogers account. You could add your email address to their account, assuming that they are not using the maximum number of accounts already.


BS: Tks much for your advice. I figure that I've already spent enough time on trying for some relief from Rogers, so I've given up on the idea. Each time I talk to someone, they try to upsell me, rather than trying to address my problem. Since I first wrote, we did as you advised and spent time getting all subscriptions and friends' address books changed to remove the address. Althought time consuming, this was by far the best solution to my problem. Now, we can leave Rogers entirely rather than keep a small account.

Re: mandatory modem rental?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Correct.  To MOVE your rogers email address, it needs to be another ROGERS account (which has internet on it).
I have done so at least TWICE.

I beleive that when you CANCEL your rogers internet, there is some option when you log into the webmail afterwards, in which it allows you to automatically convert it over to a YAHOO one.
(though at this point, with the yahoo breach, etc... is it really wanted to have a yahoo one?)



Re: mandatory modem rental?

I Plan to Stick Around

I believe that you are right, Gd, about the yahoo conversion thing. I looked into that, but it wouldn't have addressed my problem with having an address out there. So, my wife bit the bullet and got all her subscriptions and friends' email address books pointed to her own domain's email addresses. Since she has her own domain now, this was the best approach anyway, I believe.


Thanks for chiming in.

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