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longest hold time

I've Been Around

Whats the longest hold time that you have been on? Personally i'm at 1 hour right now since i talked to the first person and all i wanted to do was cancel a service that i've had for 5 years and not on contract. I'm kind of curious on how long it will be since i'll talk to someone ^_^



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Re: longest hold time

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@HappyOak wrote:

Wrong  - Current Long wailing times are not because of Covid.

Not after 9 months, not on a Tier 1 vendor in Telecom like Rogers.

Pauly, has it ever occurred to you this explanation cannot be valid 9 month after Covid started? has it ever occurred to you that Rogers is a Tier 1 ISP vendor in Canada with probably the biggest Telecom budget for IT? has it ever occurred to you the extend of the IT spending, capabilities in IT which Rogers has and the deep ties Rogers has with IT vendors? has it ever occurred to you how other companies had adapted quickly - in 2 months after March?

Your explanation might have hold water in March or April.

We are in December 2020.

No reason a Tier 1 ISP Telecom like Rogers to do what it does to customer and their employees.

This is almost year 2021 and technology is here for a long time - there is no excuse for Rogers to treat us the way we are treated.


If you know I am wrong then what is the reason for the long hold times?   Hey I merely tried to give a suggestion.  I do not work for Rogers, I have some relatives who work for the Bank and such and it took them 4 months to get a computer and VoIP phone line so they can work remotely from home. Guess what? they are also experiencing very long wait times on hold too. my cousin told me it was because of both Covid-19 and the lockdown and its been this way for months at the bank, rogers is no different regardless if you want to believe it or not.  I am not here to give explanations but a lot of people who work in call centres have young children, and with schools and daycares closed a lot of them cant work they have to watch their kids,  when more people cant work, the call centres get BUSY.     I have 2 young children myself and there are days I have to watch them and cant do my job and my work knows about this and work gets piled up, though im not in a call centre but still, its busy, we are ALL affected by this, we are all in this together




It sounds like no matter what reason we give you is not good enough for you, maybe you dont want a reason but want someone to argue with? im not trying to argue with you as I am also frustrated by the long hold times, all I can do is call early in the morning when i wake up and hope for the best.





Re: longest hold time

I Plan to Stick Around

Last night the Rogers Billing department called me about my bill at 7pm ET.

I was put on hold to speak to a manager.

10 minutes later original agent came on the line to ask me to hold for a "few minutes more" for the manager to come on the line.  I asked that the manager call me back instead, she said "No, it will only be a few minutes".

20 minutes after that I hung up.


Total hold time around 1/2 an hour when I should have been making my dinner, call ended at 7:40 pm ET.


Look it up online, 34% of people will not wait on hold for more than 2 minutes.

In my book "a few minutes" = 3 to 5 minutes.  

Rogers should schedule call backs for anything that will be more than 5 minutes to avoid client frustration.

Re: longest hold time

I've Been Around

I spent 5 hours trying to make some simple changes to my account. It got to the point where I was in queue to speak to an agent online, and I was in queue on the phone at the same time. I also tried to do the work myself online. None of these options got me anywhere.

The last person I spoke to, told me they would transfer me to the ignite department and that they would be able to help me. Told me the wait was 7 mins. I waited on hold for another 40 mins to finally get someone and she was in the mobile department and couldn't help me. Said she would transfer me to the ignite department, told her that's where I was suppose to be transferred to in the first place. She told me the wait would be close to an hour. REALLY?? after being on hold for so long??? It's not my fault I wasn't transferred to the right department.
I am on the verge of cancelling all of my services through you.
The sad thing is, no one from Rogers is going to care what the company put me through today, nor will I see any sort of compensation for the stress, wasted time and frustrations that your company put me through today.
If I have been transferred to the wrong department, I should be put as a priority and get the next available agent, not have to be placed at the beginning of the queue all over again.
So I guess I will take the rest of the day to see what other services are out there, and really think about what it is I want to do. Then I guess lucky me will have to call you back, wait on hold for the whole day again, to either cancel my services, or continue to be a sucker and make the changes that I was trying to do in the first place.

Re: longest hold time

Hello, @Lflee.


Thank you for your patience and for posting your concern in the Community. It's quite painful to be on hold for so long and keep getting transferred to the wrong department. 


While we strive to ensure we provide the best in class service, I imagine a few interactions can be subpar. We'd love to turn around your experience; please see below the alternatives for phone support:


Live Chat Support online:

Select the 'General Inquiries' tile and then select the type of service you wish to chat about to get started! (Hours of operation may vary depending on which service you are inquiring about).


Facebook Messenger:

Available 24/7


Twitter DM:

Available 24/7


You can also send us a private message at @CommunityHelps. You can find details about our private messaging in this blog






Re: longest hold time

I'm a Senior Advisor

Today's Dilbert cartoon sums it up.



Rogers PayGo. Location: S-W Ontario

Re: longest hold time

I Plan to Stick Around

Pauly, we all appreciate your effort to find a reason for long waiting time at Rogers. You are wrong again saying "no matter what reason we give you is not good enough for you". You only give one reason only - Covid - in an attempt to argue with me. We can have this argument if you wish.

Here is my take about long waiting times at Rogers:

I have explained why Covid is not a reason - read my post carefully. Tier 1 corporate like ISP Rogers and banks you've mentioning measures against their peers - other similar companies had mitigated the Covid challenges with increased spending  and hiring.

Long waiting time on the phones are only found with Tier 1 corporate entities who did not spend and did not hire once Covid hit. It is the fault of the management. Bad management and a disrespectful attitude towards the customer - spanning for years before Covid. Just google about the long standing outrage of the customers against Rogers customer service before Covid.

The reason Rogers treat their customers with long waiting times is bad management and a long standing disregard for customer service running many years before Covid.

As Warren Buffett said:

"Only when the tide goes out, do you discover who's been swimming naked." - Covid crisis expose how deep the bad management is at Rogers. They are in a continuous crisis mode regarding customer service.

 And that is why long waiting times at Rogers.

About your say "we are in this together", yes, true, we are. Adding that some of us in this together have large budgets and large compensations paid for C level executives (2-50 times more than an average compensation).

While we all in this together, we are not the same equipped to do something.

Not like you and me, Rogers Execs are those who can and should fix the long waiting time for customer service.

They have everything they need. Not like you and me...being in this together. 

Re: longest hold time

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Sorry man I can not give u a proper reason, i dont work for them man, in all honesty who cares why, its just busy nothing we can do about it, complaining wont fix it man, im going thu the same as you i just call first thing in the morning and I PRAY that it does not take long to reach someone. thats all you can do. if they want to run the call centre to the ground and make everyone wait on hold then thats their problem not yours

Re: longest hold time

I've Been Here Awhile
6.5 hours. Breaking my head for signing up for another 2 year here

Re: longest hold time

I've Been Here Awhile
2.5 hours not impressed

Re: longest hold time

I Plan to Stick Around
Call between 7 am and 9 am

Re: longest hold time

I've Been Around

I've been on the phone for 3 hours - your customer service is trash. You just ping from one department to another and don't get anything done.

No accountability in this company it is despicable - hire competent people, or don't exist - i've wasted a full half day, not being paid because of your incompetence.

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