lack of customer service

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lack of customer service

 i have a  HTC1 phone that is only 6 months old. The touch screen has a dead spot on it thus I brought it in to a Rogers store to get repaired. At the store the case was checked for physical damage, none, and the water indicator showed no water damage.


          After a few days, the HTC service service people replied, claimed that the phone is out of warenty. Today at 4;30 pm i went to the Rogers store to see what is going on; they could not help. At 6:30 pm I called Rogers. It is now 9:55 pm. I have talked to Sherpa, then tech support\said that HTC probably does not want to repair the phone. I was sent to Loyalty who said again that HTC does not want to repair the phone. Both Tech and Loyalty said that I should get a new phone. I was switched to cutomer relations,  who said she could do nothing for me but give me a refurb that was not a HTC, then she hung up on me. She did call back but switched me again to tech support,  who said he could do nothing as it was a business phone. now sent me to another tech support and I was disconnected.


          I called back to Rajeda who said she could do nothing but sent me to tech support. He again said he could do nothing. Rajeda now sent me back to customer relations as I am now threatening to cancel all my accounts with Rogers, about $500 monthly. As I am typing this I am tal;king to customer relations who again has me on hold.


          When custgomer relations comes to teh line being offered a HTC1-S for $199 but with $15 off for three years. Thus this is going to cost Rogers $510 less the $199 for teh HTC, when all they had to do was contact the HTC service department to fix the phone I sent in or get a new one. I am sure a company as big as Rogers has some pull with HTC. I have accepted this offer as I am tired. It is now 9:55 and I have been taliking to Rogers since 4:30 pm, on the phone since 6:30 pm. 


        I find customer service at Rogers appaling. Twice my call was dropped. I was switched from representative to representarive. Luckily the last person, English was understandable and he could offer a solution. It has come to a point that I do not want to talk to your initial service people but will in the future, if I stay with Rogers, will request to talk to customer relations. Your initial representatives cannot communicate and have no power to offer a solution. My wife wants to switch companies. 


        I have been a Rogers customer for about 25 years. I find today's experience frustrating and infuriating. What has happened to Rogers? They never in the past showed this total lack of customer care. Is not your staff trained? Why switch me from person to person to  person.


        Tomorrow I may look at my options or I may not but right now I am tired and will let myself sleep on it.


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Re: lack of customer service

Unfortunately its much the way of the industry now a days.... if you do switch, dont expect much more at any of the other companies either (have seen/heard it fromALL of them).  😞

In the end, while rogers (or any carrier) is the one that is the provider of the phone... they are not the manufacturer.
(just like say Best buy, they sell you a tv they are only the Reseller of that TV, they dont make the tv themselves).
Any warranty, is up to the MANUFACTURER to uphold.


That being said, if the phone is only 6 months old, it should be well under warranty... this is an HTC issue of not upholding their warnty.

Its not rogers fault.. that they phone stoped working.    I can understand, why they wouldnt just outright replace it, etc for you... they are out of pocket, for HTC's problem.  


BUT... they should be steping up and being the better person on it, and offering you some better deal for a new phone, at minimum.
I would be contacting HTC directly on this and giving them an earfull on why they are not repairing the phone.


Hopefully you can get something resolved on this.

Good luck.