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internet speed lowers than my plan

I Plan to Stick Around

i changed my plan on friday to the hybrid 250 plan so my mbs is 250 and upload is 20 but im only reciving 53.87 and 20 upload and on ethernet i recivie 331 and 20 upload heres what my wan is reciving 

WAN Receiving 1.91G Bytes WAN Sending 309.61M Bytes     LAN Receiving 314.39M Bytes LAN Sending 1.93G Bytes



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Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

@roxyberian, it looks like you might have a problem with an Ethernet cable, or, you are using a Fast Ethernet cable which only allows 100 Mb/s max. The term “Fast Ethernet” may have been applicable a few years ago, but now, its just run of the mill, personal opinion. In any event, the +190 Mb/s speeds that you saw when you connected directly to the CGN3 should also be seen when you connect CGN3 to RT-AC68U to pc. If you don’t see that +190 Mb/s, you have some type of cabling issue. You might want to consider buying a couple of Cat-6 ethernet cables and replacing the cables that you are currently using. If you look at the back of the CGN3, the connected port LED should be amber if it is connecting at 1 Gb/s, and green if its connecting at 100mb/s. If it is amber, then the port is running at 1 Gb/s with the other connected port and you will be getting +190 Mb/s into the AC68U. If its green, the most that you would see going into the router is 100 Mb/s. That would slow down all data transfer into and out of the AC68U. If the CGN3 port is amber, and you only see less than 100 Mb/s at the pc, which is connecting through the AC68U, then the Ethernet cable between the AC68U and pc is slowing down the data transfer between the AC68U and the pc and you should replace that cable with a new CAT6 cable. The fact that you can get +190 mb/s on a direct connection to the CGN3 means that one of those cables is ok. It should be a small matter of sorting out the issue with the other cable.


Are you running a 2.4 or a 5 Ghz network? That will make a huge difference, depending on the level of interference caused by neighboring wireless routers. I run the same AC68U on a 5 Ghz network, with a 250/20 service and I see 330/22 Mb/s for max speeds on wired speedtests through the AC68U and also see +300 / 21 Mb/s on a wireless speedtest. That wireless test was run from from the second floor, with the AC68U located on the main floor of our home.  If I ran the test with the laptop located closer to the AC68U, i'd probably see the same 330/22 Mb/s.  Note that the wireless results will really depend on the wireless adapter in the laptop.


You should be seeing much higher wireless results, but I would need to know the wireless adapter model number to determine what it can run at and whether you are running a 2.4 or 5 Ghz network. Can you provide the exact model of the laptop, and drill down to the Control Panel…..Device manager….Network Adapters and copy the model numbers of the Ethernet and wireless adapter and paste them into this thread. With those model numbers it should be easy to look up the data rates permitted by both the Ethernet and wireless adapters.

Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

If you post the toshiba model, we can maybe take a look at what it has in it..  if it may be the limiting factor.

Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

@lethalsniper, just advise the tech that you are seeing the same results for speedtests, no matter what level of service you are on, 150/15 or 250/20.   It might be a matter of the physical installation which is capping the results.  You have a higher signal level, with decent signal to noise ratios.  But, the signal to noise ratios are relative.  If you get the same ratio as your signal power is increasing, that is telling you that the noise levels is also increasing, so, somewhere in the building the cable is in a noisy environment.  If the cabling is running through a confined area, with all of the other cables, those cables could be subjected to cross-talk from other cables.  Your cable is carrying the signal that you want, all of the other cables which might be travelling alongside your cable is subjecting it to noise, which is someone elses cable signals.  The cables are shielded with layers of aluminum foil and braiding, but, even that is only effective to a point.  As I indicated earlier, apartments are a challange, and that might be one reason why.  You might just be at the limit of performance of the building cable system.  If the tech can't do anything to improve the situation, you are going to have to be satisfied with the status quo.

Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

In my earlier post, I should have said my upstream is 41-42.

Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi Gdkitty, here is the link for the laptop.