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internet speed lowers than my plan

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i changed my plan on friday to the hybrid 250 plan so my mbs is 250 and upload is 20 but im only reciving 53.87 and 20 upload and on ethernet i recivie 331 and 20 upload heres what my wan is reciving 

WAN Receiving 1.91G Bytes WAN Sending 309.61M Bytes     LAN Receiving 314.39M Bytes LAN Sending 1.93G Bytes



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Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

@lethalsniper wrote:
It's never been reloaded since we bought it. The only thing I'm worry about here is if there is anything that's using up bandwith when laptop in sleep mode or just running in the background without us knowing m doing a malware scan at the moment. Model I think is aspire v3-551-x630

Anything that might be using up bandwidth, sure.


Anything that might be using an amount of bandwidth that might make a difference... far more unlikely... unless you are doing cloud-based backups or other insane upload-heavy activity like that...

Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

If you have never reloaded your laptop from scratch, that would probably mean that there are a number of programs running in the background that you probably don't need.  If you go to the Windows Task Manager......Start-up Tab, that will list all of the programs that start when the laptop starts.  My guess is that you could probably go down that list and disable a number of them that you have never used.  You will have to be in an Admin account to disable them.

Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

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How do I get in the admin account thanks. I'm running on windows 8.1

Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

If you go Control Panel....User accounts ....Manage Accounts, the display will show all user accounts on your laptop or pc.  You should show an Administrator account (which you might already be in), a guest account which is turned off, and possibly other "local" user accounts which is where you should be running from .  When you log into the laptop, in theory you should be logging into a Local Account which does not have admin rights.  That "Manage Accounts" display will show the account type that you are currently using.  On a day to day basis you should be in a local account.  That way, if you run into malware somehow, it will make it more difficult if not impossible in some cases to load if you are in a limited rights local user account.  Running in that type of account is a sensible measure for everyone.  The only time you should be in an admin account is if you have admin tasks to do to maintain the computer, or possibly, if you have some very strange application that insists on running from an admin account, despite all of the available measures that an operating system has to make it run from a user account.


Edit If you are in a Local Account, you can log out of the account, and when the log in screen comes up, hit the back arrow to display all of the available accounts, if there are more available.  At that point you can log into another account, admin or user.

Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

If I reload my laptop to scratch won't I lose all my stuff ? I'm guessing programs workng In the background use up bandwith?

Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

So your saying my acer laptop won't reach 250 or more Mb when doing a speedtest even tho Im on a 250 package. I find it odd that the rogers tech old IBM laptop had not problem of getting speed test and he got 320 mb download what's diff between his or mine I his is a older laptop.

Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

Its not the age of the laptop that counts. It’s a combination of a number of items including the CPU processing capability, memory amount and speed, hard drive access time if the Windows paging file is used, throughput from the network adapter, which is probably more an issue of the network adapter design and capability, operating system that is loaded and number of applications that are running in the background. Typical hard drives on a laptop are 5400 rpm, which is slower than desktop drives. These run slow to keep the power consumption down but they can also cause slow overall performance. The processor on a laptop is usually a mobile processor version which is designed to run slower to conserve power.  That extends the useful time on battery charge but ultimately limits the overall performance of a laptop compared to something like a desktop.


Another problem with bringing a laptop home these days is the number of manufacturer applications that are loaded on it and the number of those that run in the background without you knowing about it. That is why I indicated to go to the Task Manager…..Start-up tab to look at all of the programs that start with the laptop and determine if you really want some of them to run all the time in the background. What you have is a general use laptop. If you want to do any serious gaming, or run an application that needs a high Ethernet or wireless throughput, you need to find a better platform to run. You can always replace the hard drive with something like an SSD which will make a big difference, especially when you load it from scratch and keep the bloatware to a minimum, but that doesn’t change the fact that the laptop is not designed for gaming. If you have friends that have a gaming laptop, invite the laptop for a visit, the friends are optional. Have a look in the difference in performance of that type of laptop versus what you currently own. Personally I wouldn’t use our Acer laptop beyond general duties. Anything that needs high speed I’ll run on a desktop or the gaming laptop.


If you were looking at reloading the laptop, I'd consider replacing the hard drive first with something like a Samsung 840 Pro, which has a caching program available to run with it.  The combination makes a definite difference.  That way you load the applications that you want and your previous hard drive still has all of your data on it, which you can migrate whenever you want to.  The SSD will also extend your on battery time.

Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

@lethalsniper wrote:
So your saying my acer laptop won't reach 250 or more Mb when doing a speedtest even tho Im on a 250 package. I find it odd that the rogers tech old IBM laptop had not problem of getting speed test and he got 320 mb download what's diff between his or mine I his is a older laptop.

Once upon a time, newer meant better.


That time ended almost 10 years ago.


Nowadays, you have a lot of 'new' consumer-grade laptops that deliver awful, awful, awful performance. Slow, slow, slow processors, lousy network controllers, lousy hard drives, etc. A decent business laptop from 5-7 years ago with a Core 2 Duo, good dual-band wireless, a good gigabit Ethernet wired controller, etc will outperform that lousy, "new" laptop.


That's just how the Windows-based world has gone. It requires a lot of skill to find a Windows laptop, especially under $1000, that isn't complete garbage on the edges (e.g. wifi performance).

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