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internet speed lowers than my plan

I Plan to Stick Around

i changed my plan on friday to the hybrid 250 plan so my mbs is 250 and upload is 20 but im only reciving 53.87 and 20 upload and on ethernet i recivie 331 and 20 upload heres what my wan is reciving 

WAN Receiving 1.91G Bytes WAN Sending 309.61M Bytes     LAN Receiving 314.39M Bytes LAN Sending 1.93G Bytes



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Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

I Plan to Stick Around

Same here.  Moved up from 30 mbps to 150 mbps hybrid.  Called Rogers support.  When the speedtest is done connecting directly to the modem via ethernet cable, you get the promised speed or higher.  I got 190 mbps.  The rep bridged my modem so I could use my router Linksys EA3500 (I don't use the one that comes with the modem).  Did the speed test again connecting directly my laptop to the router via ethernet, and it went down to 90 mbps.  

However, when I do it using my wi-fi network, I am only getting close to 30 mbps.  Changing the MTU in the router and prioritizing devices got me up to 45 mbps, but I am still far away from the 150 mbps.  I will keep trying making changes to the router.

Try connecting directly to your moden and do the speedtest, and see what you get.

Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

Fundamentally, if you are getting the proper speeds over wired Ethernet, I think you'll find that the problem is with your client devices.


Are you running 802.11ac gear? You pretty much need an 802.11ac router and 802.11ac clients to get 200+ megabits/sec over wireless.


Both of you, can you give us an inventory of all of your wifi gear, including:

- router/access point

- client devices including the details of their wireless card (e.g. 'iPad 3' or 'Dell laptop with Intel 6230 wireless card')

... and whether you are using 2.4GHz or 5GHz wifi.


For example, my laptop with  802.11ac can get ~198 megabits/sec on (I have the 150 plan), but my iPad 3 gets, IIRC, around 40 megabits/sec. That's just the most the iPad 3 can do.


I know this comes as a shock to people, but if you take your average consumer-grade laptop or tablet sold today with a single-band, single-stream 802.11n card, you'll be lucky if you get more than 30-40 megabits/sec. Such is life.

Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

As vivenM mentioned... over all there is TWO different things here.


1) wireless.
A combination of things.. the wireless in the CGN3 is NOT great.  just from its own side.... that combined with the possible quality question of the wireless cards as VivienM mentioned.. getting FULL speeds can be tough sometimes.

This is one reason why many people use their OWN router.

2) wired.
Wired SHOULD work fine... in the one case with the Linksys EA3500 shouldnt have a drop.
There are many users on here... without bridging.. who on wired have been able to get 150 to 250 no issues wired.


All in all.. best bet for the highest plans.. is to BRIDGE it.. and use your own GOOD quality 3rd party router.

Suprisingly.. even something like the mentioned EA3500... is pretty poor, compared to some of the newer higher end ones..
The difference of the quality of the power inside them, vs one of that grade.. can make a speed difference.

(and the build in on the CGN3 is probably on par or worse than the 3500)

Re: internet speed lowers than my plan

Well, and i guess the only other thing as well.. would be to post your SIGNAL levels..

Incase signal wise, something is amok which could effect your overall speed.