internet serviceability in my area

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internet serviceability in my area

Hi, I  bought a house almost a year ago in an area minutes outside the town of Sussex, NB. This time last year I was told that Rogers had intentions of bringing High Speed Internet  to the area. The area, (Drury's Cove Rd) is surely not remote, or rural, and offers Rogers profits that would outweigh the costs if services were  brought to the area. I was wondering if Rogers has ever, or has recently done, a survey on the road to see how many customers would buy the services because im well aware of many that would. Is there any way to persuade Rogers to look at, or consider, extending their services there? With internet comes, TV and home phone, bundles and packages that people would surely switch to and for Rogers be profitable.



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Re: internet serviceability in my area

Does the rest of Sussex have rogers available? (this at least will help).

Do the rogers lines run down that road/area already (say to GET to Sussex?)?

Just from experience, of getting new lines from both roger and bell into work.. it can be VERY costly..Not quite as bad for above ground as under ground.. but still very costly.  There has to be a HIGH number of potential subscribers for them to direct a line out there to make it worth their while 😞

I am not trying to discourage you.. far from it.  I beleive you should still fight/inquire about this.

I wish there was a better place.. even an EMAIL.. to at least be able to put IN service area requests.