iPhone won't connect to Data

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Re: iPhone won't connect to Data

Good afternoon @becca2 and welcome to the Community!


Frustrating sure best describes your experience and 5 months is too long for persistent issues. May I know what iPhone model do you have? Have you had a chance to speak to our wireless technical support team?  Based on what you've mentioned seems like you only started experiencing these data issues on your current mobile device. I know you mentioned that restarting the phone helps, but have you tried to reset the network settings to see if that helps? Just as an FYI, if you do reset the Network Settings you'll have to save your WiFi info. all over again. Also, may seem like a silly question, but are you on the most updated OS? 


@gp-se, do you have any insights on this?







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Re: iPhone won't connect to Data

That is a for sure not convenient, I know I have been in your shoes before. Try the following steps and see if it helps. 

- Make sure software is up to date

- back up your phone in iTunes 

- turn off Wifi on the phone then do a network reset, then restart and use for a day or so and see if you experience the same issue 

- if the issue comes back, then do a factory reset 

- if the issue come back, then take your SIM card and try it in a different phone and see if the same issue replicates 

Hope the above steps help 

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Re: iPhone won't connect to Data

Phone is working fine now
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Re: iPhone won't connect to Data

Another thing to try if the issue comes back: Reset Network Settings.

Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.