iPhone MyRogers App won't log in

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Re: iPhone MyRogers App won't log in

I had the same problem the first time I tried, but then my phone locked (according to my preset ) and when I reopened it the app had closed.  I tried again and this time it worked fine.  Don't know why! Maybe it's like my LAN administrator used to say:  when in doubt, shut it down, turn it back on, and try again...  Good luck!

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Re: iPhone MyRogers App won't log in

I've tried everything: locking and unlocking my phone, rebooting my phone, exiting the application and re-starting it....


Nothing works. Every time I open the app and feed in my credentials, it does the waiting thing.  


One thing to note: it understands when I enter the wrong username or password. I tried putting the wrong username in, and it didn't go into wait mode. Then tried putting in the correct username but wrong password, and it gave me a password error. So that works.

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Re: iPhone MyRogers App won't log in

Same problem exactly!
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Re: iPhone MyRogers App won't log in

Same problem on Android with the Rogers app not working (and for me as well on the web).


From what I've been able to determine speaking to live agents, live chat and Twitter for the last 10 days - this is all related to the horribly gone wrong implementation on MyRogers and the poorly planned and managed changeover from usernames to email addresses as usernames. (Mine didn't prompt me to change, but many people were).


Everything about my account is now broken with no end in sight. Can't see me bill that was issued earlier this month (to review and pay it), can't see my usage, can't see my account settings, can't make changes, can't access Rogers One Number. These are all related to the problems with the MyRogers account and the migration according to agents I speak with.


The really frustrating part is the agents I speak with (some of whom are helpful and supportive) express frustration as there is nothing that they can do and the problem is widespread. (They've even been told not to open tickets because it's a "known issue").


I have spent in excess of an hour a day contacting Rogers to try and get things fixed with no avail. I've never seen Rogers so unresponsive in 24 years. I love their service usually - I prefer their network and their products - but it's getting to the point where the stress of the customer service issues isn't worth it. 







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Re: iPhone MyRogers App won't log in

Hello @Bsaunders,


Welcome to the Community Forums!


Are you only having this issue when using the myRogers app from your iPhone?


Can you verify if you are able to sign into your account on rogers.com?


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Re: iPhone MyRogers App won't log in

same here i had the trouble on my android after changing to an email address mainly for spotify if i recall then not long after that couldnt access my rogers from my andorid or my desktop wether chrome or IE 11  keeps telling me to link accounts but when i enter my account number tells me allready associated to something else. i did get a rep online and she didnt understand it either at 1st then said apparently this was widespread and lots and lots of people suffering from this.

Said i could do nothing and esculated the issue. Said could take up to 10 days.  Now my android is working but i cant see the detail of my bill but on the desktop i still getting the need to link thing so cant access it anyways. Was thinking of coming back to rogers with my other services but if there not gonna own up to this stuff and say what the issue is and how long to fix then i think the rest of my services apart from my cell will stay with Bell for now.

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Re: iPhone MyRogers App won't log in

I have an Android and I haven't been able to login all this month.  I get the old "Sorry you're having trouble, try later" message.  Very frustrating.  I can't see any of my usage.  No luck on the web side. I'm stuck in the "MyRogers unregister account loop".  Many calls and chats with no end in sight.