iPhone 6 locked by the first SIM Card used?

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iPhone 6 locked by the first SIM Card used?

Hey Everyone,


I would like to know if anyone is having the same problem and explanation regarding the iPhone 6 bought from the Rogers Store. 


I bought an iPhone 6 from the Rogers store and was excited to use it, so I used my son's WIND sim card to bypass the startup and then remove it. Now, that I want to activate my SIM on the iPhone, it won't activate. Yes, this is a new sim card and I called to activate it. 


I brought it back to the Rogers Store, and the representative said, "It gets locked by the first SIM card used". This is odd. I thought all phones bought from Rogers are locked already to Rogers Network? Am I wrong?


Any inputs? 




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Re: iPhone 6 locked by the first SIM Card used?

Hello Robertoc

All devices are locked to the carriers they go to. For iPhones they could be locked right when u put the sim card in.
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Re: iPhone 6 locked by the first SIM Card used?

When you say, "For iPhones.." are you saying iPhone bought from the Apple Store? or that Even the iPhones bought from the Rogers Store, can be locked with the first sim used?
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Re: iPhone 6 locked by the first SIM Card used?

I believe all iPhones are "unlocked" from the factory but when they are boxed for the individual carriers they should be pre locked. Meaning only rogers sims should work. However apple i believe once in a while slips one into a batch that may be unlocked or not locked (like the Iphones bought directly from apple) and yeah this can happen from time to time. However if you did put a wind sim in and its now locked to wind, your going to have to get apple to unlock it. I believe calling their support should help. But i would say if its locked to wind the apple store should swap it for you.


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Re: iPhone 6 locked by the first SIM Card used?

All iPhones are unlocked from factory. You are correct, the first sim card used is what the iPhone locks itself to. Example you could buy an iPhone from Rogers and throw in a Verizon sim card and it will lock to Verizon. If you own the phone outright just call Rogers and have it unlocked.