iPhone 5 "cannot get mail"

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: iPhone 5 "cannot get mail"

My incoming was set to imap.broadband.yahoo.com.  I changed to the one you listed and now it says that the pop.broadband.rogers.com server is not responding...

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: iPhone 5 "cannot get mail"

Huh.. that is odd...

I am at work, and i just tested here from my pc.
Pinged pop.broadband.rogers.com and it DID get a reply, so its not blocked.

So, maybe it IS possible that it is being blocked by your bell internet?  Are you able to try that from a PC at home? (prefereably wired.. just to illiminate the wireless part out)


Click start, then run,  then type in  


This will bring up a dos box.


ping pop.broadband.rogers.com


And see if it gets a reply.


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Re: iPhone 5 "cannot get mail"

What if O am using my phone  as Pay as you go, and I am using for mail only the home WiFi connection? It is like my small computer, I have noticed this change after the last update on IOS. Does Roger can not keep up with Apple changes? It is really a shame that such a big company like Rogers does not offe technical support for it's users.