iPhone 4S on reservation

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I'm Here A Lot
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

on Tuesday November 1st i reserved an iphone4s through the rogers reservation. I was 1786 today i'm at 600. Maybe its finally starting to move along.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

Wow, thats great. seems the residential is moving WAY faster then the buisness one.

hope you get it soon

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

Reserved black 32g on October 8th.

Started at #4111.

Went 'In Progress' October 20th.

Picked up another phone at Best Buy on November 4th.

Still 'In Progress'.


I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

Honestly for everyone waiting with the rogers reservation system ..GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

I reserved 16GB WHITE on oct 26.. i was position #16xx, it would move about 30 spots a day, it went from "open" to "in progess" Nov 7, still "in progress" till this day. From reading most of these post, even with the status changing to "in progress" it may take another 2-3 more weeks before it changes to "shipped". 


So i got fed up with waiting...went to apple.ca at 9PM was able to reserve a 16GB WHITE at eaton centre, toronto with no problems what so ever. Next day picked up the phone..no hassel The people at Apple will do whatever they possibly can to have you walk out of the store with the phone...I know they said if u have a corporate plan you cannt do it in store...maybe the person who was helping me was really nice but he was able to activate the phone for me without changing my plan AMAZING!. I looooove the phone, i can't even put it down. They also had ALOT of iPhone 4s in stock...every colour and every GB. 


All this waiting with rogers was a waste...and the $40 reservation fee is ridicuous, yes you get it back. But onlne it informed me if i found a device somewhere else tocall the store to where it was being shipped and tell them to cancel it for me. I called the store and they told me that i have to physically come into the store when they recieve it to cancel and to get my $40 refunded. TOO MUCH TIME WASTED WITH ROGERS.



I'm Here A Lot
Posts: 7

Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

I'm so envious of all the people on this site who were able to get their iphones through the apple site. Unfortunantley for any of us Manitobans, we only have one apple store in all of Manitoba so its darn near impossible to reserve through apple.


#660 on rogers reserve and counting:(

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

I ordered the 64g white iphone 4s and have been monitoring my position and status


status: OPEN (never changes)



oct 20 - 956 (reserved date)

oct 21 - 914

oct 24 - 925

oct 25 - 903

oct 27 - 290 ....wooah what happened here...was it a big shipment or did they reorganize the queue?

oct 28 - 288

oct 31 - 278

nov 1 - 275

nov 2 - 269

nov 3 - 268

nov 4 - 266

nov 7 - 258

nov 10 - 252

nov 11 - 250




I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

I reserved a black 16gb on the 24th, I was around 21xx...

About a week later I jumped all the way down to #17, I thought this meant Rogers received a huge supply of phones, or all of the sudden people canceled their reservations or had them fulfilled, explaining the tremendous jump.

However my reservation was still "OPEN" at this point. Another week passed and I was still at #15... And still "open"!!


I felt that having a reservation 'open' for this long (given that I was only 15th in line) was a bit irritating. I finally managed to reserve one at the Apple site on the 8th, and picked it up the next day. The rep there was so helpful - it seems the rogers system was having some difficulties that day and I couldn't get my phone activated at first, but he stayed with me for an entire hour working with the system and making phone calls back and forth to Rogers just to make sure I walked out with a working phone!


So yes... For those of you still waiting and are able to go to a local Apple store, try your luck through Apple. As long as you have a speedy connection and browser (I used Chrome) and click exactly at 9pm, it should work. Also be quick at typing in your sign in info and selecting a pickup time. Best of luck 🙂

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

@mpopovits - Yes, im assuming rogers updates their shipping info for Monday. The only reason the # goes down a bit during the week is because people below you are cancelling, and thus, you move up the line. You'll probably be "in progress" on Monday (14th). 


But, if you have been reading, maybe its best to try your luck with FS, BB, or Apple.ca

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

So am I correct in assuming you were able to reserve a "Rogers" phone through Apple, and not an unlocked phone? (I just cannot afford an unlocked phone.)

Thanks in advance.
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

I reserved an the 64GB black on thursday the 10th...I was #469 on the waiting list, 3 days after I'm #459. 


Which model I can chose so it would go faster? the 16gb?32gb?