iPhone 4S on reservation

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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

We do read it actually mister you know it all.

Rogers reps on Rogers Redboard said that but they also said our phones are shipped or at the store already on the redboard.. The warehouse in Toronto is at Yorkmills & Donmills. The stores in Toronto are not that far from it.
Its the fact that BELL & TELUS their competitors are giving the phones to the people they pre ordered on the 14th. YET SOMEHOW Rogers cant. Give me a break.


How can they do it but Rogers can not? See the facts straight before you come here & call us " complainers" When we are right. Go wait outside in the rain & get one. we have the right to be mad & upset.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

This just about sums up Rogers at the moment:



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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

hahahahaha nice.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

This is the most bizarre thread I have ever seen - and you are out of your minds... - why would anyone - especially the media - bother about such complains??? They may go take pictures of the happy campers standing in line and getting out of the store with their new iphones 4s... but give space to someone who is fabricating theories based on an insane imediatist desire (but who is not willing to camp and wait), is just improbable...

This is not a breathing or feeding device - you'll certainly survive if you have to wait another week or so. rest assured. and actually, go rest - it is getting late.


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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

Please please please Rogers get your **bleep** together and get us tech-geeks our iPhones tomorrow.

That would be great. 

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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

Did this site just bleep out my bad word? Priceless. **bleep** **bleep** **bleep** LOL

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

Rogers= biggest epic failure in canada. go **** yourself.

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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation


I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

so my original text msg i received from ROGERS stated and i QUOTE
"Rogers svc msg: As a vakued customer, we want to let you know that we have the Rogers Reservation System. This means you could be one of the first in line in Canada for the bext iphone as soon as its available! Reply YES to be notifide when the next iphone can be reserved.
Visit www.rogers.com/rogersreservations to learn more

So based on this text message, is FALSE advertisement from ROGERS, i can honestly see someone starting a class action over this one, as we would have all received this message that currently own a iphone and deal with rogers

Not a good day for Rogers, if my device isn't there tomorrow and being the 52nd in canada to reserve it, guess i will see what other carrier has it available and cancel my service here. If there is a lawsuit with false advertsing let me know

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

lol. my currently employer would fire me...especially if if i did something like this to rogers...(emailing i mean)that dosnt

change the fact that we were FIERCLY advertised this. and  since in ploys like this, the company ASSUMES the persone is

rational we assume the copany behaves in a rational manner. I can say this pretty confidentaly because its actually part of my

job to assume this as well. with that being said, when a company puts its coustumers in the dark and with a bunch of unknown

fees and say "just cuz" and its pretty bad for any company to screw up like this with a high profile launch especcialy with the

passing of Steve Jobs ( R.I.P) if enough of us email them it would generate enough buzz. im just saying. like I said before, i dont

mind about the upgrades fees...i just wanted info for something im basically paying for untill i recive my device( which could

be weeks at this point even tho i was below 100 initialy) and we were kept in the dark untill recently, and lead astray be reps

AND their offical board. This kind of service should not be expected ( or tolorated for that matter) especially by industry

leaders ( last i checked, in Canada the leaders are : Rogers. Telus and Bell) And by now im sure some have u noticed that

Rogers price is 50$ higher and we are refunded...eventually, we are not refunded the TAXES on that 50. and if you live in

quebec, that can be a bit more due to the way the taxes are calculated. All we want are answers...if we pay for service with ,

Rogers this is teh VERY least they can give us. no matte rhow much ur bill is. I know someone HAS to read all the posts,

since i personally have had a few of my posts edited/deleted. so just to be clear befor I get flammed, im not mad. i just want this

simple 3 letter question answered. Why ? thats all.

Also, if u grab anyone on the street and ask them what a reservation IS they would be able to give you an asnwer. that isnt

what rogers is offering us, even worse we were told last min. thats what im saying.

PS: I have no clue what happened to this. it looks wiered and i have no clue why haha.