iPhone 4S on reservation

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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation



Free, included with the phone for the respective carrier.

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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

free with phone purchase
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

That could be possible what Breezygirl said.

It does not make any sense that none of us will get our phones at launch or the next day. Do the math here. Rogers sends lets say 50 phones per store. The store is aware about the reservations & is waiting for the list to be sent to them & once they see the list, They take away the color & size of the iPhone & put a sticker or a piece a paper with our names & numbers.

When i called my store. They told me they had both reservation & the over skid of phones. & when you call each store they will tell you they either do not have none or the only have 1 of those which is the non reservation skids. This is possible for them to do what they have been saying.


The micro simcard is always free with a purchase of a phone. You just need to buy a case if you want for it.

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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

my friend's 4s was at position 700s and he just received an email from rogers telling him to get the device on 1pm tomorrow.


and his shipping destination is at Waterloo.


WHILE at the mean time, I firstly at position 199 and there stayed "in progress" for 3 days till now and my shipping destination is Ottawa.



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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

Did you guys order the same model?
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

thanks for the reply guys

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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

Here's my thoughts...


That big drop we all got today? That was the shipment for tomorrow (give or take a few from earlier this week that may be these fabled ones already in the stores). I looks like every model dropped by a thousand this afternoon around 4:00pm CST. Is it not likely that they would reserve 1,000 of each reserved model (6,000 total) to ship out on release day, leaving the rest to catch up later? I think it would be a hybrid of many scenarios involving shipping per the official explanation as well as getting the first few (like the ones in progress since Sunday) to the stores right on launch day without confirmation for PR purposes and the sake of calling it a success.


That's where my money is at.

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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

Woot! My Rogers store just called and told me I can pick up my phone tomorrow after 2 🙂


Ordered 16GB White. Was 800 in line and  dropped to 671 then in progress today.

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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

I have no further insight. Hahaha. The system is messed, with no real clear information on what we can expect.

For anyone that got a call/e-mail, congrats! Hope you enjoy the phone tomorrow.

Mine still says "open" so I imagine I'm looking at early next week, best case scenario.
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Re: iPhone 4S on reservation

I'm thinking positive.  The first batch is most likely on its way to the stores.  Another batch could be shipped out tonight or even tomorrow for late delivery tomorrow or Saturday, so it could be that most of the "in progress" statuses could change again tomorrow.