iPhone 4S Questions!

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iPhone 4S Questions!

Hi, just a question. I'm on the fence of thinking whether to buy an iPhone 4S or not (maybe the original iPhone 4 for a few reasons).


Does anyone who has owned the original iPhone 4 (on Rogers) tried their cases on the new iPhone 4S? (on Rogers as well). Does it fit? I've read the iPhone 4 and 4S on Verizon in America fit. But the AT&T iPhone 4 cases don't fit on the AT&T iPhone 4S (slight button placements).


Also is the option to "Enable or disable 3G data" removed for good? (I don't own an original iPhone 4 from Rogers, but does anyone know if the original iPhone 4 with the new iOS 5 update has the option to enable or disable 3G data? Unlike the 4S.)


I'm thinking of upgrading and am having a difficult time deciding whether to upgrade to a iPhone 4 ($100 cheaper, maybe has option to enable/disable 3G data, getting a port of Siri in due time and overall the 4 is still a solid device! I can live without the better camera, slightly faster speed and dual core since not much takes advantage of it anyway)  OR the iPhone 4S (the latest, faster, better specs, Siri, cost $100 more, not liking the option to not be able to engable/disable 3G data).


What do you guys think? I'd be fine with either a iPhone 4 or 4S. Money's not a problem. But I wanna get the best bang for my buck. (I keep leaning towards the original iPhone 4... For the cases, cheaper cost and enable/disable 3G data *that promising Siri port ain't bad too*). But I feel I'm wasting my time since it'll be obsolete in a couple months. but I know Apple will continue providing support for it. So I don't know. Still on the fence.



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Re: iPhone 4S Questions!

1. Yes and mine fits, its one of the case matte transparent cases from the MTS Connect stores, they have a wide vibration switch area so the 4S placement change still fits without rubbing against the case, volume buttons also fit since these series of cases had their volume button cutouts slightly too far back for the iPhone 4, they were just slightly off center, so now that difference makes up for the 4S, so again they are SLIGHTLY off center, we're talking 1mm here or less. Many other cases simply have the whole area from the vibration switch to the volume buttons cutout so that will also work.


2. Don't know, as of now apparenly Apple removed it, it could come back or not (officially), but we all know once the jailbreak is released for 4S/iPad 2 we have our endless utilities to control EDGE/3G connectivity including apps that integrate right into settings and of coarse SB Settings etc. So its not too bad and so far my battery life seems a little higher than my iPhone 4 and standby battery life seems the same despite that 100 hours of less standby on Apple's site.


3. Everything takes advantage of the faster dual core A5, everything just loads instantly, Wi-Fi throughput has increased over 15mbps I now get 38mbps+ and I have Shaw's Broadband 50, with the iPhone 4 I only got 21mbps max, why? CPU power, very high throughput on mobile devices demand a fast CPU cause of the increased amount of overhead, the A5 is more of the reason why the 4S supports 14.4mbps HSPA+ rather than the antennas. It boots a bit quicker, multitasks a bit quicker, maps and other map apps are significantly faster, and theres already some games on the appstore that demand an A5 chip device. Don't get me wrong and having a 3GS, 4, and now 4S all with Rogers, the A4 in the iPhone 4 is no snail and its a lovely device, look at that Cortex-A8 in the 3GS, its still going now with iOS 5 and its not really that slow, much better than the iPhone 3G did with iOS 4.


4. If $ isn't of issue I would go for the iPhone 4S, its $209 for the 16GB but you should be eligible for the $50 rebate so its back at the more normally reconized $159.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: iPhone 4S Questions!

Thanks for the help and reply inferno129!


1. I'm going to check out MTS stores to see their cases (I'm from Manitoba as well, Winnipeg). But I was wondering if the normal cases for the iPhone 4 (if you got others) will fit? I guess I'd call it the generic cases, as the MTS one you have seems kind of specialized? (saw some nice cases, that are currently only for the iPhone 4, hopefully it comes to the 4S as well. But I doubt it since they're custom made for the iPhone 4 only).


2. Yeah, I'm waiting for info on the 4S being jailbroken. One of my concerns regarding the enable/disable 3G data is when I plan to travel over the border. I usually turn all 3G data off so I won't roam/connect (wi-fi hotspots everywhere) and get extra charges (got charged $285 from Rogers just for using 30MB of data at Cali over AT&T's network). That and battery life. But iPhones have generally sufficent battery life, so not much worries there.


3. Yeah, I guess in the long run, the dual core benefits and prolongs the 4S' lifespan. Which I like! Especially looking forward to some of those dual core games. Infinity Blade 2?


4. Yeah I contacted Rogers. I have 19 months left on my contract and to upgrade to a iPhone 4S (or iPhone 4):

- iPhone 4 16GB: $195 EUF (13 months x $15) + $49.99

- iPhone 4S 16GB: $195 EUF (13 months x $15) + $209.00

I didn't know about that $50 mail and rebate. Is that for all people looking to upgrade to the 4S (if you know?) * badly need a new phone now so willing to pay the EUF


Still on the fence, but now leaning towards the 4S. Just that enable/disable 3G data is bothering me. Do you know if I were to upgrade to the 4S. And I don't like it. IS it possible to return it? I guess what I'm asking is:

- If I upgrade and sign a new 3 year contract for the iPhone 4S. Is it possible to just go back to original contract/phone? (I guess since you signed.. You can't right?)

- But then, new phones have a 14 day return policy if I'm correct (or I had it when I got my smartphone). Does iPhone 4S fall into this category? So say like, I get the 4S but decide it's not for me. And go for the 4. Keeping the contract the same, just chaning the phones. Will I get refunded the $100 of the 4S in that case? (It's alright if you don't know, I plan to ask Rogers once I do a little more research)


Thanks again for any help!

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Re: iPhone 4S Questions!

@Sony for #2 there is a turn data roaming off which will make sure your phone does not roam data. Turning 3g off is only good to force it to the 2g network..
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Re: iPhone 4S Questions!

@Sony Yes Infinity Blade 2 is one of them, I saw some spaceship looking game on the Appstore yesterday for $10 that said it demands iPad 2/iPhone 4S only.


I wondered that as well.. but I don't think they will let you reverse the upgrade if you don't like it, and if you were to go back to your previous device.. either Rogers will say no as 6 months hasn't passed if they consider that another "upgrade" or they will have you pay a giant fee to "pay off" the device you just upgraded to. Yes the $50 rebate is for the 4S only right now. I just called them about that asking how I do it and apparently some changes were recently done to MyRogers so you can do it online instead of sending in the voucher form in the mail, and the lady also thanked me for being "a valued customer", O_0.