iPhone 4 locked to Rogers Carrier

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Re: iPhone 4 locked to Rogers Carrier

Hi my name is Edwin 

I have a big problem with my Rogers iphone 4s 

sorry for my English,  my language is Spanish.


1 IM in Honduras now im not in Canada no more.


2 I cant get my cell phone unlock i can back to my home country 3 years a go and i cant go back to Canada to get a new sim card.


3 I cant get my cell unlock in Rogers because im no in a plan no more


4 I cant get it unlock in a web because i cant pay the money they ask for, i dont have debit or credit card.


5 I only work for the to kids i have and my wife.


6 I need my cell to take pictures of my family and i cant pass the activate screem. i lose my Rogers sim card


7 i update it from ios 6 to 7 and that make it impossible to pass this screem and used like ipod


8 Apple cant help me because this cell is from Rogers, i know is my, but the cell phone was sell from apple to Rogers


9 Rogers say cant help me because im no in a plan no more.


10 I dont have no one to send me a sim card from Canada because my contacts where in my sim card that i lose


11 Itunes ask me always for a Rogers sim card


12 I look in lots of web for a solution and i only get lots of spam.


So if anyone have a solution for me, can please let me know, and if u have the same problem we can ask together to Rogers to help us with this big time problem.

I have pictures and information in my cell phone that i need to get out from my cell phone.

please help me 😞