iMessages not going to text

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iMessages not going to text



I have turned off the iMessage function on my phone when I am not not wifi to save data. However, messages people send me are not converted to texts. I have missed messages for hours until I returned to an area with wifi coverage as my iPhone did not automatically convert the messages to text. Is there a way to resolve this issue? I pay for unlimited texting so this is very frustrating. Thank you.



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Re: iMessages not going to text

Hello and welcome to the Community @martin9,


I understand how important it is to monitor data usage and stay connected at the same time. May I please know what your current Message settings are? You should be able to find this under Settings >> Messages. Also, are you experiencing this from one particular sender or several different ones?


Additionally, to put your mind at ease I do want to advise you that iMessage typically doesn’t consume much data. You can actually check how much data iMessage uses by following this path: 

Settings >> Cellular >> System Services >> Messaging Services.



Looking forward to hearing from youRobot Happy!