how to report cable theft?

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how to report cable theft?

2 questions. first, i live in an apartment building, and the box containing all the cable hookups is on the exterior of the building. is there any way a technician can secure the thing a little better? and second. there is 2 separate boxes. i've noticed one of them has been jimmied open, and there are additional cables that i am 100% certain are not from rogers, so who do i report this to, and what can be done to prevent this?

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Re: how to report cable theft?

Call in and report just that, that you beleive there may be an issue and someone tempering with your box, and have them send a tech out.
They should be able to check if the other person is supposed to have service or not.

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Re: how to report cable theft?

Rogers would not provide any information on someone else's account.  And Rogers probably wouldn't put in the effort to check anything in a building as there would be too many subscribers to sort through. 


Usually the 2nd cable box on the wall would belong to Bell.... They plant it beside the Rogers box, so that if a customer wants to change providors, they use the same cable line going up to the apartment, but switch it into either the Rogers box, or the Bell Box.  If the box itself is falling off the wall, or the door/lock is broken, then yes, Rogers could be called out and would/should fix the panel. But as for reporting theft in a building panel... thats slim to impossible. 


On the lighter side, with the analogue converstion happening, this issue will soon not be a problem anymore. 

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Re: how to report cable theft?

call where..... their auto attendant isn't the best... around and around in cirles

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Re: how to report cable theft?

Hello @canuck22,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


We appreciate that you have taken the time to report this issue to us as cable theft is a big problem! Please send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps with the address of your building and the affected units if possible and we can escalate this to our Field Technicians to investigate.


You can learn more about our private messaging system by clicking here.