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how come i only experience proplems when streaming media?

I've Been Here Awhile

These last three days i have experienced serious issues with speed only when i am streaming media.  Why is this, i have exchanged my router i have reset my router.  I have followed steps from your tech guys.  nothing works, and only when i am streaming media.  thanks for a response.



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Re: how come i only experience proplems when streaming media?

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi Ravonic,


I'm NOT a Rogers tech support agent, but I do fix PC's and I'd like to help if I can.


1. Which Rogers bandwidth package are you on? (Lite, Extreme etc.)

2. Which modem / router do you have?

3. Are you streaming media on a wireless or wired device? (Your desktop PC? Xbox? Laptop?)

4. What sites are you streaming media from, and which ones give you problems? I ask this because different sites use different streaming technologies. (Netflix uses Silverlight, and YouTube uses Flash, etc.)

5. What web browser(s) are you using? Rogers has very limited support for anything other than Internet Explorer, but you should definitely try Google Chrome, Opera, and Firefox to see what results you get on your favourite sites.

6. Have you updated your Flash and Silverlight installations?

7. How many devices are using your Internet connection at any given time? A former client of mine was having trouble streaming, but had a very slow package from their ISP, and was running multiple wired and wireless devices at the same time, resulting in poor performance.


Thanks, and good luck!

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