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Re: hardware upgrade

Hello Knightboy44

It all depends on ur account . You will need to log into My Rogers - Products And Services - Device Balance and see what the balance is or contact Rogers via Live Chat, phone, Facebook.com/Rogers or Twitter @RogersHelps and see what the upgrade flextab is.

If you have one, you must pay it in order to upgrade to a new device.

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Re: hardware upgrade

Hi there Meowmix, I have a question related to hardware upgrading. I currently have a shared plan with three lines and I am upgrading all three lines to new devices (iPhone 6) as well as a new plan on a 2  year contract. I am aware of the current stock issues that Apple is having atm, therefore we have reserved our phones but they will be coming at different times. My son's iPhone is ready to be picked up next week, will our new contract start effective immediately once ONE of our devices is ready to pick up? If that is the case I don't find it fair how Rogers will be charging us on our new more expensive plan when we have only received ONE of our new upgraded devices. Thank you for time and an answer is much appreciated. 

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Resident Expert
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Re: hardware upgrade

The contract part, only ties to the hardware and not the plan itself.

So you could upgrade one now, that one would go from today, one in 3 months, it would start then and never upgrade the 3rd and it would have no contract.

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Re: hardware upgrade

$15.00 connection fee as noted - and if you are currently on a contract then your early cancelation fee will also apply.  


Other then that I don't think there is any other fees other the the cost of the phone (after the discount for the contract)