getting rid of RSHM system. usable to someone else?

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getting rid of RSHM system. usable to someone else?

I have cancelled my Rogers Smart Home Monitoring and would like to sell the system. Rogers says they won't hook up a used system for someone else, it belongs to me and only me. would it be useful in any way to anyone else? shame to add it to the landfill.

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Re: getting rid of RSHM system. usable to someone else?

Hey @squibby1


It would be ashame to add technology to the landfill.

I personally have SHM, and can see why used hardware would not be hooked up under someone else's name. As the hardware doesn't have guaranteed functionality. Like buying a used car, don't know what the previous owner has done to it.



I don't know if that is true entirely, as I have seen many kijiji ads for security system being sold by previous owners of other security systems including rogers, some people just moving out of the area or just don't need it. Whatever the reason is. Either way...


I'll find out for you, as I myself am not aware of this interesting question you have asked.

I personally have extra cameras sitting around and was looking to tinker with them or give them to someone who can use it (as I have newer camera's now).


I know with a little bit of computer application and tinkering you can get the iCam1k to work as a webcam but wifi capabilities did not function. So it depends.