galaxy s2 lte barely gets 3g network

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galaxy s2 lte barely gets 3g network

Im barely on 3g network with gsm only setting.most of the times the phone is connected to edge network. Anyone else has this issue ?


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Re: galaxy s2 lte barely gets 3g network

Hello Soondai14,


We have not received reports of this being a common problem.  Where are you located? Do you have your network settings set to auto select?  Have you tried modifying any settings?





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Re: galaxy s2 lte barely gets 3g network

Hey Andrew, I've called tech support a bunch of times regarding sketchy lte speeds. I can remain in the same place for an hour, & see the connection go from LTE to 4G to Edge! It's not the phone, because I see the very same fluctuations on my rocket stick... I'm also located in a lte coverage area. There's an app called Open Signal Maps, that gives you the tower that you're connected to, it's CID, longitude/latitude & distance from your location... Often I'm not connected to the tower closest to me (895 meters) but one that is more than twice the distance...