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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: epost

Sooo... Rogers cancelles epost and forces us to use their website or go paper blling (for which they charge you I believe) In doing my little bit for the environment I don't want a paper billing - end of story.

However yesterday I tried to use the website to get to a previous months bill and download it to my computer.  It is impossible to get.  The website doesn't refresh and if you try you lose access not only to previous bills but to the current bill as well.  I was so angry I was spitting snakes after hours of trying to get it to work (login in later, refreshing etc. etc.)  Anyway so this morning I decide I will bite the bullet and call support and ask them to send me the bill:  This is the conversation.

Me:  I need my Oct bill please - I can't get to it on your website

CSR: Okay let me check - yes it is here

Me: Can you send it to me via e-mail?

CSR: NO - we can't do that

Me: Why not?

CSR: It is not available to us.  I can send you a paper bill but it will cost you $15.


CSR: Yes.  I can switch you to paper billing.

Me: No thanks (silence)  Wish you never took the epost option away at least I would be able to get to what I need right away

CSR: (silence)

Me: Well I guess there is nothing you can do for me as usual. (They have never been able to help me - not once) Goodbye.

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: epost

That is the question that I have asked many times here, with CSR's, managers, and OOP, and I have never got a straight answer as to whether you get full details on a paper bill, or are we forced back onto the website, which we still can't even count on being able to access.  And the details I am talking about is call details on Cell Phones, required for tax submission for business purposes, or for charging back your employer, or the company you are contracting to provide service, lawyers, etc so you can charge back for your cell phone usage.


Rogers' original position was that we didn't need it anyway, because most people are on unlimited plans (yes, but what about those who are not - as Ellen Roseman nicely raised in her article on Navigtr, it is great that you have satisfied the need of some, but what about those who are still inconvienced).


Took a lot of explaining and pushing to higher levels by a lot of people to get them to commit to including these details, on the web site at least on the printed or viewed PDF from the website.  The details downloaded into a spreadsheet were not a legitimate demonstrating of a full bill to CRA and others as it doesn't demonstrate payment or where the data came from - it has to be in a full billing format - customer name, address, company (Rogers), services charged for and so forth must be on a true bill, as is true with a receipt too.


But I still don't know if the details are on the mailed bill or not.


Does anyone have an answer - maybe a moderator could find out and let us know, or someone who gets paper bills and full details, do you get it.  Only person I know who gets paper bills, unfortunately never wanted full details.  I am thinking of paper bills only because the web site is so unpredictable in terms of access, I currently cannot view the print icon when zoomed to accomodate my vision (being worked on), so I have been considering returning to mailed bill as I qualify for large print bill.


So could someone let us know.  It has been asked a lot of times.



I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 11

Re: epost


If you are upset about these changes file an official complaint


My complaint resulted in Rogers promising detailed printed bills. 

Unfortunately that has not happened yet as apparently there is a systems issue that IT is working on now. 

there is no time line on when this will happen if ever and without pressure why would they bother. 


It's been an issue for me since epost was ended without notice against Rogers own notice policy. 

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator
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Re: epost

Hello @Hanna19,


We are sorry to hear you are having trouble viewing previous bills. Have you recently registered for online billing? MyRogers will only begin storing your bills from the time you register your account. This could explain why you are not able to access previous bills.


If this is not the case, have you tried clearing your cache and cookies, ensuring your pop up blocker is disabled, or trying another browser such as Google Chrome?


Just to clarify, if you request to switch to paper billing you will not be charged a monthly fee for the paper bill, however if you request an invoice reprint there would be a  one time charge of $15 per invoice.


Please try the above troubleshooting and let us know if you need further assistance.



I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: epost

@RogersGabrielle wrote:
MyRogers will only begin storing your bills from the time you register your account. This could explain why you are not able to access previous bills.

That's true. When I was getting paper billing for my cable, a year ago the bills started coming just a couple times a year, whenever there was a rate increase or information on channel realignment. I guess the reason was that all the bills were the same. Because I wanted to see each bill and any notes attached, I switched to on line billing. Now I can see all past bills for each month and any attached notes from the time I switched without having to dig through a stack of paper bills that can easily get lost.

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