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email address


Our busines recently got a new automated system for our phone line from Dramis telecommunications. Becauseof this we havechanged all our services with Rogers....we were with BellAliant for years before.

They hooked up our Rogers modem for us but no email adress was set-up. The technician from Dramis told me to contact Rogers in order to have my email adress set-up and to connect my fax (which is now with Rogers) to fax by email the way I had it set up with BellAliant.

 Could you guide me in the right direction?


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Re: email address


 Good Morning @foyerlisa,


Welcome to the Community Forums!


To set up your Rogers Yahoo email you will need your registration key and registration number. You should find this among your paperwork that came with the modem. 


Once you have that information follow the steps below:


  • Go to the website
  • Enter the Registration Key and Registration #; follow the step by step process.
  • Select Sign Upto get a new email account.

To connect your fax to your email you would need to speak with the Business department as this requires provisioning on your account which unfortunately we do not have access to in the Community Forums, since we primarily support Consumer accounts.


You can reach the Business department by calling 1-866-727-2141.


Hope this helps!