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I'm an Advisor
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Re: downloads/updates



I completely agree. Makes a lot of sense, but don't hold your breath (for very long anyway).

I've Been Around
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Re: downloads/updates

I had nothing for the first few months, now every day I have an issue with downloads during primetime or reboots out of the blue.  Was really liking the Rogers experience but getting a little peeved.  Not good when Bell is walking neighbourhoods with great deals right now. 

I've Been Around
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Re: downloads/updates

So annoyed, considering cancelling my rogers account. I work nights as a bartender meaning I watch TV at night. I hate how this box takes a minimum of half an hour to update every single night. There should be an option to postpone to a later time in the night. If Bell can make it happen Rogers has no excuse.Thats literally why I have time to write this post since ive been staring at a blank screen for what seems like forever. How about this company actually listens to what it's users want instead of making us pay money for poor service. What a joke. Why am I paying for this?