do not have dial tone on one jack

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do not have dial tone on one jack


We got home phone about a month ago. All of our jacks work except one where the DSL modem is hooked up to. I have an all-in-one  Epson Workforce633 that i'd like to move to this jack so we can fax out of our home. The Epson worked on another jack that had a dial tone. Can anyone shed any light as to what the problem is? Or do i have to call a Rogers tech guy?





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Re: do not have dial tone on one jack

Rogers home phone simply patches into the existing jacks in your home. If the jacks were wired a certain way, ie dsl or second line or what ever, then they will continue to work differently when the rogers home phone is connected.

Rogers supplies the dialtone, then all your home jacks connect to it, if your handy you can open up the jack and see how its connected? maybe its connected to the second pair?

As far as the rogers tech guy, they can ensure the signal is coming into your house from the rogers home phone, but because they do not know how the house was wired up, they can not fix any internal jacks, maybe they can and there might be a small fee? i dunno but i dont think its free. maybe a private contractor like myself can fix it for a small fee?

hope this helps